‘Students Council Meet’: KU going extra mile to ensure students’ well-being, resolve issues

Srinagar: To provide a platform to student representatives to voice their concerns on a wide array of issues impacting both academic and administrative facets of university life, the Department of Students’ Welfare (DSW), University of Kashmir (KU), convened a significant ‘Students Council Meeting’ Tuesday.

120 council members, comprising class representatives from various departments across the university attended the session chaired by Dean, Students’ Welfare, Prof Shamim Ahmad.

The key topics of discussion included transport facilities, hostel amenities, health services, industrial tours, subsidised food options, car parking, smoking concerns, placement issues and the problem of stray dogs on campus.

Prof Shamim Ahmad while engaging with the student representatives listened to the grievances raised and promptly addressed several concerns during the meeting and assured the council members of his commitment to resolving the remaining issues.

“These matters will be tackled in collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders dedicated to student welfare,” he reiterated, while highlighting the proactive efforts of the university systems dedicated to advancing student welfare.

“The university is going the extra mile to ensure the well-being of our students and is committed to resolving these issues to ensure the betterment, welfare and comfortable stay of the students across all our campuses,” he maintained.

The meeting highlighted the university’s commitment to enhance the student experience while reaffirming the administration’s dedication to create a supportive and conducive environment for academic excellence and personal growth, the statement added.

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