Cyber police foil online scams

Srinagar: The Cyber Unit in Pulwama has achieved a significant breakthrough in its ongoing battle against financial fraud, seizing Rs 1,44,500 in two separate cases of online scams.

The Cyber Cell swiftly investigated both incidents where victims were enticed via WhatsApp links promising lucrative work-from-home opportunities. These scams involved persuading victims to invest money with promises of high returns. Initially, small tasks were assigned to gain the victims’ trust, followed by requests for larger investments that resulted in substantial financial losses.

J&K Police again caution the public to remain vigilant against such fraudulent activities. Legitimate investment opportunities do not guarantee quick or substantial returns. It is advised for citizens to exercise caution and prudence in financial transactions to avoid falling victim to deceptive schemes.

The Pulwama Police and its Cyber Unit reiterate their commitment to safeguarding the financial interests of the community. They pledge to continue their proactive efforts in combating cybercrime and raising awareness about online fraud.

Residents of Pulwama are encouraged to report cybercrimes via email at [email protected] or by calling 9541943103.


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