About Us

Precious Kashmir was registered in 2014. Today Precious Kashmir can well and truly take pride in the legacy of its work, and in its contribution towards the building of a free and fair Press in J&K state.

Our correspondents are also based in all parts of the state and important business and administrative centres.

Precious Kashmir Online is the global face of the daily Precious Kashmir on the internet. However, Precious Kashmir Online has carved its own niche brand equity and is one of the highest-hit media websites about Kashmir. Apart from focusing on news from the Kashmir region and the South Asian sub-continent, it also provides many value-added and interactive features which are exclusive to the Online edition.

Besides providing readers with upto date breaking news, compelling content and insightful opinions Precious Kashmir Online covers current news, business, sports, community, tech, lifestyle and world news, as well as expert analysis

As the digital companion to Precious Kashmir newspaper, the Precious Kashmir Online is part of a portfolio that offers content through print, Preacious Kashmir ePaper and a mobile app.

Published daily in the mornings from capital Srinagar, Precious Kashmir reaches to every corner of Kashmir through a wide network of its hawkers and agents.