Meet Dr Parin Somani, distinguished Academic Scholar, TEDx Speaker and Author

Prof Dr Shiv Sethi

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani, Director of LOSD, is a distinguished Academic Scholar, TEDx Speaker and Author. Honoured with a title

of Mrs Universe 2022 crowned by Bollywood actress; Winner of Enigma Mrs. World 2022 in Thailand, and several others.

With 2 Academic and 6 Honorary Doctorates, she is a multi-award-winner and humanitarian. She is a prolific author of 19 books, and a record-breaker recognised in Guinness World Records and multiple prestigious record books.
She was invited to deliver a Keynote Speech at Harvard University, Cambridge University and many more. In her global travels to 127 countries, Prof. Dr. Parin Somani tirelessly contributes to education, women empowerment, and youth development.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself as an author? How did you begin your journey as an Author?

My path towards becoming an author has been shaped by pivotal moments within my life that put my resilience and faith in humanity to the test. At the age of 19 years, I have written 11 books and they got published by a renowned publisher when I had reached the age of 20 years. Therefore, I feel I was a born author due to my love of writing, in addition to books, I have written poems, newspapers and research papers. The unexpected loss of my vision and facing life-threatening cancer on two separate occasions were profound challenges that shifted my perspective on the sanctity of life and the importance of compassion. In the midst of adversity, I established two mottos of my life:

• To serve humanity until my last breath

• By working together, we can create positive global change

These life-altering experiences ignited a passion within me to break barriers, inspire global societies, write more books and become a source of motivate for others, and promote kindness on a global scale.

2. What inspired you to write a book focused on inspiring and powerful quotes?

The inspiration behind writing the book ‘Alchemy of Reflections: 540 Inspiring & Powerful Quotes From a 54-Year Journey’ is centred on inspiring global societies through my life experiences, my profound belief in the transformative impact of words. Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered moments of adversity and triumph, and it became clear to me that concise, uplifting phrases have the power to evoke strength, resilience, and motivation.

These quotes have helped and inspired in my own life, the ideas were developed through my life journey of challenges that I have faced and the happy moments I have experienced.  I am driven by the desire to share that transformative energy with others. The written word, when carefully chosen and thoughtfully presented, has the potential to ignite a spark within individuals, offering solace, encouragement, and the catalyst for positive change. My book is a collection of these impactful quotes, curated to inspire, uplift, and resonate with readers on their own unique journeys.


3. How did the idea for this particular book come about, and what do you hope readers will gain from it?

The idea for this book arose from 54 years of my life experiences. I have shared 100 quotes for each year of my life. My goal is to offer readers a diverse array of impactful quotes that resonate across various aspects of life, providing inspiration, motivation, and a source of reflection. Each quote has been carefully chosen to encapsulate the essence of empowerment, resilience, and the potential for positive transformation. I hope that readers find solace, encouragement, and motivation within the pages of ‘540 Inspiring and Powerful Quotes’ as they embark upon their own life journeys.

4. Do you have a personal favourite quote from the book, and if so, what makes it special to you?

While I live by my mottos that govern my life, each quote within this book is profoundly special to me. Each individual quote been instrumental in guiding and inspiring me to during complexities and plateaus, ultimately leading me to tangible and meaningful outcomes. They have been created during moments in my life providing me with a wisdom I was unaware of, they helped me to shape my perspective and offered valuable insights that resonate with the diverse facets of my journey.

5. Were there any quotes that resonated with you on a deeper level during the writing process?

Several quotes resonated profoundly with me during the writing process. Each one became a guiding light, offering insights that mirrored my personal experiences and convictions. Each quote, contains a lot of depth and meaning that requires reflection and contemplation. Depending on an individual’s journey, the readers will resonate with different quotes that will help them at every stage of their life’s journey.

6. Were there any challenges you faced while compiling and arranging the quotes?

Compiling and arranging the quotes was a seamless process as each one emerged from moments of inspiration rooted in lived experiences. Whether facing pivotal milestones or stirring emotions, I believed that the pearls of wisdom derived from personal encounters were incomparable. My motivation was to share these lived experiences with my family, friends, and global society, allowing them to benefit from the profound insights captured in each quote.

7. How do you envision your book making a positive impact on readers’ lives?

I envision my book making a positive impact on readers’ lives by serving as a source of inspiration, and empowerment. Through the carefully curated collection of quotes inspired by my life experiences, I aim to ignite a spark within individuals, offering them guidance and motivation to overcome challenges and rejoice in happiness. Each quote is a condensed reservoir of wisdom, drawn from my real-life experiences, emotions and thoughts, they are designed to resonate with every reader on a personal level. It is my hope that these words will act as companions on their life journey, giving them the hope, fostering resilience, encouraging positive change, and ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling and enriched life.

8. What role do you think quotes play in shaping our thoughts and actions?

Having written 19 books, I feel that quotes play a pivotal role in shaping our thoughts and actions by summarising profound wisdom and distilled experiences in concise, impactful language. They have the power to resonate with our emotions, beliefs, and aspirations. Carefully created positive quotes have the power to inspire, motivate, and provide clarity in moments of uncertainty. They can influence our decision-making, encouraging positive attitudes, facilitate personal and collective growth.

9. How do you see readers incorporating the quotes from your book into their daily lives?

I envision readers incorporating the quotes from my book into their daily lives by reading one or a couple of quotes each day, reflecting upon their wisdom, and actively living by the insights they offer. These quotes are designed to serve as daily affirmations or mantras, encouraging readers to infuse their routines with positivity and purpose. Whether facing challenges or celebrating successes, readers can turn to these quotes as guiding principles, fostering positive change in their thoughts, actions, and overall outlook on life. The intention is for the quotes to become a source of inspiration to facilitate meaningful transformations in their everyday experiences.


10. Are there any future projects or books in the pipeline that you can share a glimpse of?

I am thrilled to share that I have an exciting lineup of projects. First and foremost, I am honoured to be featured in the upcoming Coffee Table Book titled “24 Prominent Personalities in the World 2024”. The Prominent Personality Award Ceremony is scheduled to take place in London on 24th March 2024, organised by the London Organisation of Skills Development (

In addition to receiving this prestigious recognition, I am presently engaged in co-authoring several books. One of these works is cantered around the theme of Healing, delving into the transformative power of recovery and well-being. Another book focuses on Leadership, while a separate collaborative effort involves co-writing a book that explores the captivating world of Aviation. I am passionate about sharing these diverse topics, and I hope readers will not only enjoy them but also find valuable knowledge to enrich their understanding and perspectives.

Furthermore, I am excited to participate in the Global Research Conferences scheduled to be held at the University of Oxford in March 2024 (, where I look forward to engaging with cutting-edge research and contributing to the global discourse. These endeavours reflect my commitment to helping humanity in diverse fields and my passion for sharing knowledge and experiences on a global stage.

11. How do you plan to continue exploring the theme of inspiration and empowerment in your work?

My commitment to exploring the theme of inspiration and empowerment remains steadfast as I continue to dedicate my life to serving humanity. Through my roles in various governmental and non-governmental organisations, I aim to inspire and empower societies through impactful initiatives. My key areas of focus are Education, Women Empowerment and Youth Development. The work involves collaboration with global change-makers, conducting and sharing research on international platforms, presenting at conferences, and contributing to the academic realm through research papers and books. I seek to amplify the message of inspiration and empowerment, advocating for positive change on a broader scale.

12. What message or takeaway do you hope readers will carry with them after reading “‘Alchemy of Reflections: 540 Inspiring & Powerful Quotes From a 54-Year Journey”?

After reading the ‘Alchemy of Reflections: 540 Inspiring & Powerful Quotes From a 54-Year Journey’my sincere hope is that readers carry with them a profound sense of inspiration, resilience, and a belief in their own capacity for positive change not only in their lives, but in the lives of others in society. I aspire for the quotes to serve as daily companions, guiding readers through life’s ups and downs with wisdom and fortitude. The overarching message is one of empowerment – that within each individual resides the strength to transform challenges into opportunities. Each individual journey is unique, it is my hope that they embrace the transformative power of these quotes, allowing them to shape a life rich in meaning, gratitude, and the continuous pursuit of personal and collective well-being.

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