Literature is like bird, river that knows no boundaries: Dr Ritu Kamra Kumar

Prof Dr Shiv Sethi

Dr Ritu Kamra Kumar is working as  Principal  MLN College Yamunanagar, Haryana,India. An avid writer, she has contributed more than 400 write ups and poems in National newspapers such as The Tribune,The Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald ,Daily World  and Woman’s Era The Daily Guardian. Around 40 research papers of her have been published in national and international  research journals.She has authored  six books which includes Academic,Non Fiction and Poetry -Configurational Coordinates of Woman’s Space in Select Novels of Shashi Deshpande,The Priceless Petals- Non- Fiction, The Strokes of Solitude- Non- Fiction,The Peerless Pearls- Poetry

Philanthropy of Seth Jai Parkesh – A Coffee Table Book  and Unpruned Verses – Poetry

Question 1

Do you come from a literary background?

Yes! I come from a literary background,a home where storytelling was a regular  phenomenon as my mother late Mrs Sudesh kamra was an avid writer who used to write for popular  magazines like Saptahik Hindustan and Dharmyug..She instilled in us a liking for reading literature as she herself  was voracious  reader and books were brought home from library  of Government Polytechnic  Ambala  city where my father was a Professor and my father read poems and stories for us when we were kids.We used to recite poems composed by our mother and they were very much appreciated.

Question- 2

What writers did you enjoy reading as an adolescent?

As an adolescent I was very fond of writers  like Jane Austen whose all six novels I have read many a time and Emma remains my all time favourite.She portrays realism very naturally and her mild social satires appeal at once.Though her range is limited yet the two inches of ivory on which she paints with so fine a brush produces perennial classics.Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment is another fiction that remains close to my heart for the brilliant  depiction of psychology  of heart- guilt and how it haunts the guilty.

Among poets William Wordsworth and Shakespeare’s Sonnets I loved.Humming Daffodils,Lucy Poems,The Solitary Reaper was jocund joy. Rabindranath  Tagore’s poetry I found awakening and we friends often recited his poem- Where the Mind is Without Fear and were filled with a sense of patriotism.


How did you get started as a poet?

I started my creative writing journey  with prose writings in 2015.It started with writing  letter to the editor for different newspapers,then Middles for newspapers  like The Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Deccan Herald, Daily World,Daily Post,magazines like Woman’s Era and got so many mails of appreciation. Readers found my prose very lyrical and this is how I started  writing poems.My first poem- Wedding Bliss- lifetime Reminisce was published  in Woman’s Era.Then I started writing poems for veritable  literary platforms on social  Media and was adjudged poet of the week and won many prizes.In year 2022 I came with my first Anthology  of 108 poems- The Peerless Pearls and in December 2023 another Anthology- Unpruned Verses  came which consists of 94 poems.I also participated in Napowrimo in April 2023 ,which is celebrated as National Poetry Month .So the shift from prose to poetry was spontaneous and smooth.


How do your poems develop? Please guide us through  the stages of a poem

Poetry is an art,a creative skill,a thought that stays with the poet  ripening  into an emotion,a feeling that is put on paper through  words- words which comes to writer – unpruned, uncut,unbridled and then in the anvil of writer’s mind they are un furnished, reshuffled till they bear a stark resemblance to what the writer or poet had conceived. But at the same time poetry  is a matter of life not just a matter of language.It makes you pause and ponder.  Lord Byron aptly observes- A drop of ink may make a million  think.The emotions depicted by the poet are so life like that  the reader spontaneously  relates to those ideas and insights.If the reader feels one’s with the poet’s belief ,that piece of literature  assumes universal appeal.I wrote a poem on this aspect

Words Converse in a verse.Quoting a few lines of The poem

Words own me

I owe

To them

As I unlock and unravel

Become- they mine

And shine

To be alive in my thoughts

Nectar’s draught…


I put them on paper

Treasure troves of my leisure

And labour

Question -5

How did you manage to fit writing in with other demands on your time? Are you good at managing  your time?

Nothing is impossible if you have passion for it.I am a prolific  writer and my day seems futile until I put my thoughts that have been coming back to me throughout the day as I indulge in the mundane activities,on paper and achieve  a sense of accomplishment and glee galore.Moreover I am a disciplined person,inherited this from my parents.We had a schedule  for everyday in our childhood and that habit stays with me.Moreover where where there is a will There is a way.


What is your message to the fellow poets and readers about literature in general and poetry in particular?

Beauty of literature/poetry, a genre of literature  is that it goes beyond barriers.Literature is like a bird ,a river that knows no boundaries. It crosses over nationality, caste,creed and culture,immortalises  emotions,transfixed moments and is timeless.

Another aspect of literature  that is most enthralling and readers will agree is that it is all inclusive,deals with all aspects of life.Anything that exists on earth under this sun can be the subject matter of literature.It can be understood  by all.We narrate  stories to our kids ,that is only literature.It makes us laugh,cry,heals our wounds,leaves an imprint on mind.

And every one has a story to tell ,the only thing we need to do is pick the pen and write.The crux is – breathe in experience, breathe out literature.

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