LG Sinha’s Advice

In his inaugural speech at Kumaon Literary Festival, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha described culture as a way of life and a mirror that reflects people’s aspiration.
He urged the people to join hands to preserve their culture and pass the rich heritage to the generation next.
J&K has been famous for its rich culture and heritage for ages. Times have changed but the people continue to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, and the morals and values that they inherited from their forefathers.
Jammu and Kashmir has always been a home to rich literary tradition, dating back to many millennia. This custom needs to be carried forward so that the quest for knowledge keeps on continuing.
During the past few years the government has put in relentless efforts to revive J&K’s rich culture and tradition. The steps that have been taken have led to people going back to their roots.
The government has been putting in dedicated efforts to revive and promote culture, art, literature, cinema, and music. Efforts are being put in to involve local artists and people as stakeholders in maintenance and promotion of art, heritage sites etc.
People need to understand that it’s not the government only that has to do everything. They have to play their roles to ensure that rich traditions of J&K are preserved and safeguarded. Society has to come forward and play its role.
The society in J&K has always been close knit. People have always stood for each other and have set examples of brotherhood and harmony.
Rich literary traditions have been the hallmarks of J&K society as the denizens of this land have always tried their best to ensure that their children attain education and become responsible citizens.
People need to pay heed towards LG Sinha’s advice to come together and work towards turning Kashmir into a paradise again. The efforts that have been put in by the government have to a great extent put J&K back on track. J&K is on its way to become one of the most developed regions in the country. Besides development the government has been focusing on keeping J&K’s cultural heritage alive but for it cooperation of the people is must and they have to reciprocate.

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