LOST: FOUND’: Faheem Abdullah unveils musical masterpiece in Kashmir

Srinagar: The music label Artiste First, also known for emerging talents, has partnered with well-known Kashmiri singer and storyteller Faheem Abdullah to release his latest album, ‘LOST FOUND’.

The collaboration has been anticipated since the release of the hit single ‘Ishq’ which has captivated audiences globally with its enchanting melody and beautiful lyrics.

As per the details the launch event, held in Srinagar’s INOX multiplex, drew a crowd, including notable personalities from Kashmir and numerous fans.

The excitement was high as attendees gathered to celebrate Abdullah’s new album.

“LOST FOUND” features 14 eclectic tracks, including popular hits like “Sajde,” “Chak Chuk Blues,” and “Waavo.” Each song tells a personal story, reflecting Faheem Abdullah’s thoughts and experiences.

“The album symbolizes a soul-reviving pause, representing a journey from feeling lost to the joy of being found, and ‘Ishq,’ a song from the album, has deeply resonated with listeners worldwide, conveying themes of love and longing,” said Faheem while speaking to KNO.

He added that it has topped charts on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and garnered over 25 million views on YouTube. “The song has become a sensation, uniting listeners across Asia, Europe, Africa, and America with its uplifting message of love and hope, and for that, I am thankful to everyone,” he added.

As per a statement shared by the producers of the song  Abdullah, celebrated for his expressive lyrics and exceptional voice, shared his excitement about the album’s release: “I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to unveil our labor of love in Kashmir, where my journey began. ‘LOST: FOUND’ is a journey of self-introspection, self-discovery, and self-realization. We are thrilled by the warm reception and eager to present the complete album to the audience.”

Rohit Sobti, Co-Founder of Artiste First, also expressed his enthusiasm: “Faheem is a woke new-age artist. His journey from ‘Lost’ to ‘Found’ is like the birth of an artist finding their orbit. Faheem’s music is mysterious, genre-neutral, and full of depth and emotions. There is something for every kind of listener in this collection, making ‘LOST: FOUND’ truly special.”

“The album ‘LOST: FOUND’ is now available on all leading music platforms, offering listeners a unique and diverse musical journey. With contributions from various talented artists and producers, the album promises a captivating experience for all music lovers,” it said.

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