Book review: Testament of Powerful Lexis

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.
                                                                         -William Wordsworth

     Dr Shalini Yadav

Verse is primary since it permits people to communicate tangled feelings and thoughts in an imaginative, brief, and significant way. Verse contacts the hearts of individuals by stirring strong feelings, including euphoria, trouble, wistfulness, love, and compassion. It permits perusers or readers or listeners to interface with the encounters and viewpoints of others and to track down better approaches to comprehend and value their own lives. Verse additionally animates and experiences individuals to ponder significant social and social issues, or to think about elective viewpoints and perspectives on world. Subsequently, verse does numerous things to the hearts of individuals.

The present collection of verses entitled ‘Verses of Meraki’ composed by Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, well-known poets, is a sublime assortment for admirers of verse serving the purpose exceptionally well of touching hearts and souls. The collection is published by Cyber Clerical Associates, New York, USA owned by Maxwanette A. Poetess/Maxine A. Moncrieffe. Shahid and Elizabeth are far-sighted and creative with a mission to join worldwide artists and poets for ensuring and securing the presence of humanity and to shield and sustain nature, furthermore, are known for their indispensable way of composing and their ability to pass profound feelings and sensible messages on through their collaborative poems winding around them with absolute attention to detail and delicacy, advancing in the platter of poetry lovers for them to savor the delicacy. The existence reasoning, they bores in the personalities of perusers through their lexis makes them some way or another unique in relation to other contemporary writers. Also their poetry impacts people to consider over different parts of existence with gravity, to respond and act.

Shahid and Elizabeth’s poems are a reverberation of their background, and they proffer bits of knowledge into different parts of life. Specifically their work goes from birth, demise, memory, congruity and fresh starts to social issues; discovering a true sense of harmony and importance of life; serving mankind to shielding nature and supporting it without limit. Their specialty of communicating more in fewer words is completely a model for beginners. The poems are all around rhythmic and saccharine with clear language to comprehend and see, likewise, these test profound into heart as their words are both fragrant and charming; informative and inspiring.

This volume is an embark on a ride with poetic receptivity and curative effects, lingering between two selves within and the peripheral, volunteering to appreciate artistic flora and fauna through their ingenious voyages and experiencing hocus-pocus of human beings in reality, oscillating between transience and permanence.

This collection is a torchbearer for bringing humanity out from darkness, ignorance, and inactive and gloomy state towards illumination, enlightenment, enactment and bliss. It is a picturesque consolidation of various sensitizing emotions and thought-provoking themes amalgamated by Shahid and Elizabeth in poetic pieces like sugar and water making it sugary syrup to feel the taste. In the poems, the witty and dexterous way of using librettos also offers ease, respire, reassurance, reinforcement and succor to the diversified readers. Additionally, this assemblage is a remarkable testament to the power of words and the impact, it creates on readers’ minds and hearts, is ever lasting hence all poetic pieces are distinctive and full of vivaciousness with a motto to add on in imparting various universal values in upcoming generations. This is a wonderful venture for literature lovers to relish!

(Dr. Shalini Yadav is a professor, poet and columnist.)

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