Ensure ‘Mission 370’ at booth level, make beneficiary reels viral: PM Modi

Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday gave a call to the party workers in Karnataka to ensure that BJP’s ‘Mission 370’ is fulfilled in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

‘Mission 370’ aims to achieve 370 seats for the BJP in the upcoming polls by securing 370 more votes for the party at every polling booth in the country.

Speaking virtually with the BJP Karyakartas from Karnataka as part of the party’s ‘Mera Booth Sabse Majboot’ initiative, the Prime Minister also appealed to the party workers to reach out to the beneficiaries of various Central government schemes and make the reels of their stories viral on social media.

“This programme (Mera Booth Sabse Majboot) shows how important booth-level workers are to me. To win Lok Sabha elections, we must first win the booths. Remember, at every booth, we must get 370 more votes this time.

“Make a list of the voters and find out who will be available for polling and who all have other plans. Those having other plans must be convinced to cast their votes first. Also, proper arrangements must be in place for the voters with physical disability,” the Prime Minister told the Karyakartas.

Interacting with the participants, the Prime Minister asked Supreeth Bhandari, a party worker from Udupi, how is he meeting the first-time voters and the beneficiaries (of different schemes).

“Are you interviewing them and making reels? Are you putting those reels on social media? These are the new tools for campaigning, which must be used,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister also asked the party workers to get the statistics of booth-level voting trends of the last three elections, and study the voting pattern to ensure lead for the party.


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