Schools reopen after winter vacation in Kashmir

Srinagar: Schools in Kashmir reopened Wednesday after remaining closed for three months on account of winter vacations.

There was a sudden change in weather conditions in the Valley following a spell of rainfall but the downpour failed to dampen the enthusiasm among the students, many of whom were feeling bored confined at home for such a long span of time.

“I am happy that we are back to school. It was boring to stay at home for such a long time,” Tahoor Ahmad, a student of a private school, said here.

Fareeha, another student, was happy to meet her friends again.

“After three months, I am back at school. I have missed my teachers and friends. I feel so happy that I am meeting my them after such a long time,” she said.

A teacher by profession, Arfa Iftikhar said she is eager to get back to work.

“Though the weather is wet, we are happy that the children are back to school. The hustle and bustle of life is back again,” Iftikhar added.

Schools in Kashmir closed in December last year for their winter break as the temperature usually falls several degrees below the freezing point during this time. The Valley also experiences frequent snowfall or rains during the December-January period.

However, there was some criticism of the administration for opening the schools early in the morning as the weather is still cold in Kashmir.

Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, V K Bhiduri said the timings were advanced due to construction works going on in the city.

“Today schools are reopening after the winter vacations. Due to development works for the Smart City project and the G20 meeting, there can be some disturbance in the movement but it is only a matter of a few weeks. That is why we have pre-poned the school timing,” Bhiduri added.

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