Woman CRPF officer saves civilian’s life in Jammu

Jammu: On the first day of the New Year, a woman CRPF officer set a great example of humanity by saving the life of a civilian.

The incident took place on Sunday when senior CRPF officer Kamal Sisodia spotted a man lying on the road while she was patrolling the Jammu-Pathankot highway in the Kanjuani area of Jammu city.

Cars were passing by continuously with many people looking at this person, but no one came forward to help him. When Kamal Sisodia spotted this person while passing by in her car, she immediately got down and gave first-aid to the young man before taking him to the nearby Ankur Hospital.

The man has been identified as Anshuman Khajuria from Jammu. His family members said that Khajuria was saved due to the timely help provided by the CRPF officer, for which they are grateful to her.

Khajuria also thanked the CRPF from the bottom of his heart and appealed to everyone to help others, so as to save precious human lives as was done by Kamal Sisodia.

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