Catch the peddlers

Jammu and Kashmir Police have intensified drive against the drug peddlers. In the recent months, noose has been tightened around them and strict vigil is being maintained to ensure that they don’t succeed in their designs.
Drug peddlers are responsible for selling poison in the society and pushing the lives of youngsters into darkness. For earning quick money these drug peddlers are ruining the families and lives of thousands of youth.
It’s not only police and other law enforcing agencies that have to play a role in getting a hold of these criminals. Society has to play a proactive role to identify the criminals and show them their right place.
People cannot close their eyes and act as mute spectators. They have to wake up and ensure that the criminals who are selling drugs to youngsters are not allowed to roam free and do whatever they like.
A collective effort is needed to end the drug menace from society. If we don’t wake up now, the drug addiction can take the shape of a monster and devour Kashmir’s generation-next.
Parents need to understand that they have to play an important role. They have to keep a watch over the activities of their wards and make sure that they don’t fall into a company that can ruin their lives.
For drug peddlers, young people are the easy prey as they can fall in the trap without much effort. Youngsters have to be made aware about the intentions of the criminals and the traps which they lay around them.
Drug peddlers usually roam around colleges, schools, gyms and other places that are frequently visited by young boys and girls. The law enforcing agencies need to maintain a tight vigil around the spots which the youngsters visit.
School and college principals need to put in an extra effort to check the antecedents of the vendors who usually set up their stalls around the institutions and sell their goods. Similarly people living in the residential areas have to keep a watch on the strangers. The drug menace cannot be wiped out till a collective effort is put in to catch the peddlers.

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