Unusual, abnormal temperatures part of climate change: Experts

Srinagar: As Srinagar and rest parts of Jammu and Kashmir witnessed record-breaking maximum temperatures this July, the experts here have claimed that the unusual, abnormal temperatures and precipitation is the outcome of the climate change. However, the experts are of the belief that the shifting of Monsoon winds as well as the absence of Western Disturbances has shown the abnormal behaviour.

Professor Ghulam Jeelani, Dean, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Kashmir University, told KNO  that the rising temperatures, unusual precipitation is not the Kashmir phenomenal; these things are being witnessed across the globe and is clearly linked with the climate change.

However, about the shift in the Monsoon winds and absence of Western Disturbances, he stated that the research is still going on whether the Monsoon and Western Disturbances are affected by the climate change, whether they are strengthening with time or weakening with time.

“It is still debatable, but there are people who are doing different research on different aspects of it, but they show some abnormal behaviour over the years,” he added.

Prof Jeelani further added that some researches link it directly with the climate change and some people link it ocean oscillations

Nonetheless, Dr Sami-ullah Bhat, Senior Assistant Professor at Kashmir University’s Environmental Sciences department said that it would be too early to come up with a conclusion as to what led to the present weather conditions, but the peaks and lows can be witnessed as it is a seasonal phenomenon.

“Warming temperatures are proven and evident. These peaks and lows are a continuous process, but we can say that signs of the rising temperatures and warming of earth are part of climate change,” the expert said.

Pertinently, Jammu and Kashmir parts surpassed the previous records as record-breaking temperatures were recorded this year in the month of July.

The heat wave gripped Kashmir Valley for a couple of days while the Jammu division also recorded scorching heat. However, some parts have breathed a sigh of relief as the light rains have occurred at multiple places since yesterday.

Meanwhile, the weatherman has predicted light to moderate rains for the next few days in Jammu and Kashmir—(KNO)



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