Interview: Poetry is all about playing with words:  Nigama RV

Prof Dr Shiv Sethi

Nigama RV journey is marked by a profound exploration of human experiences, cultural nuances, and the intricacies of personal identity.
Nigama RV is a celebrated writer and poetess whose work has garnered significant acclaim for its depth, emotional resonance, and linguistic beauty. Her literary journey is marked by a profound exploration of human experiences, cultural nuances, and the intricacies of personal identity.

 Nigama RV’s poetry is characterized by its lyrical quality and evocative imagery, often drawing on themes of nature, love, loss, and the passage of time. Her poems are known for their ability to capture fleeting moments with a poignant clarity, making the universal seem intimate and personal. She skillfully blends traditional poetic forms with contemporary sensibilities, creating works that are both timeless and relevant.

 As a writer, Nigama RV has contributed to various genres, including fiction, essays, and literary criticism. Her prose is noted for its eloquence and insight, often delving into the complexities of relationships, societal issues, and existential reflections. Her narratives are rich in detail and character development, providing readers with a deep and immersive experience.

 Nigama RV’s work has been featured in numerous literary journals, anthologies, and magazines, earning her a dedicated readership and critical praise. She has received several awards and honors for her contributions to literature, underscoring her impact on the literary community.

 In addition to her writing, Nigama RV is also an active participant in literary circles, frequently engaging in readings, workshops, and panel discussions. Her commitment to fostering literary appreciation and creativity extends beyond her own work, as she mentors aspiring writers and poets.

 Overall, Nigama RV’s contributions to literature reflect her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft. Her writing continues to inspire and resonate with readers, making her a significant voice in contemporary literature. In an interview with Prof Shiv Sethi, she spoke about different aspects of her literary journey. Here are the excerpts.

What made you write ?

Every action or a word has a meaning and a meaning differently and differently depending definitely upon a perceptual difference (theirs, yours and the truth) and how you perceive is totally another matter, that’s the beauty of writing I perceive.

What’s poetry to you in general?

Poetry is the unique form of creation, of expression of feelings, emotions, etc, in one’s choice of words, the ellipsis, and so on… and even the periods and exclamation marks make a vast difference and add beauty to the subject and its theme…

What’s poetry for you?

It’s all about; how I play with the words, sculpt the thoughts and structure the feelings; I believe the poetry for me is the replica of my mood ever changing and swinging.

How do you choose the words for your poem?

I go with acoustics when choosing the words but at times, I look for rhyming so it can be hummed into a song

How’s your poetry received and interpreted?

In the words of Dr Shiv Sethi, “Most of the poets are predisposed by other writers but you have an unusual distinctive voice that evokes glimpses of lyrical intensity and deep profundity.” This is the highest acclaim I had from a highly acclaimed literary critic.

What are your current projects?

I have a couple of completed projects ready to be published. A poetry collection, “Halo – Colors of Aura” third from my Soliloquy series that focuses entirely on emotions and their feelings, “Destiny Awaits”, a paranormal fiction (Young Adult) and composition of one liners.

How do you engage with the literary community and your readers?

Engaging with the literary community and my readers is an essential and fulfilling part of my work as an author. I take several approaches to foster these connection

How do you see your writing evolving in the future?

As I look to the future, I see my writing evolving in several exciting ways. I’m eager to explore new Genres and plan to delve deeper into the themes that resonate with me. Also, I’m interested in experimenting with non-linear narratives and multi-perspective storytelling

Overall, I see my writing journey as a continuous evolution, driven by a desire to push boundaries, explore new ideas, and connect with readers in meaningful ways. The future holds endless possibilities, and I’m enthusiastic about where my writing will take me.

Tell us about your books.

I love writing and finding salvation in words. Poetry is like a lifeline for me. While I do write prose, primarily fiction, I’m eager to experiment with different genres. So far, I have written in dark romance, young adult, LGBT, societal issues, new adult, and paranormal genres. Poetry appeals to all age groups, but dark romance is strictly for an adult audience.


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