NEET issue: PM vows ‘war-like efforts’ to prevent paper leaks

New Delhi: Addressing the concerns over the recent paper leaks, particularly the NEET incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday that the government is adopting a proactive approach akin to wartime measures to apprehend those responsible for the incidents.

Responding to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address to a joint sitting of the Parliament, the Prime Minister also emphasised the government’s commitment to taking stringent action against the culprits, noting the ongoing arrests and the enactment of robust legislation aimed at preventing such occurrences.

“The government is extremely concerned about the NEET issue and is working on a war footing to fulfil its responsibilities. Those involved in this will be dealt with sternly… People are being arrested continuously. We have already made a strong law in this regard,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister assured every student and youth in the country of the government’s unwavering commitment to combat paper leaks and the NEET issue.

He emphasised a resolute approach, likening it to a wartime effort, to fulfil the responsibilities diligently.

PM Modi also underscored that those jeopardising the future of the youth will face severe consequences.

He highlighted the enactment of stringent legislation and ongoing efforts to fortify the examination system comprehensively.

“The President voiced concerns about paper leaks in her speech. I want to reassure the students and young people that the government is dedicated to addressing such incidents seriously, and we are taking continuous and decisive actions with a sense of urgency to fulfil our responsibilities,” he said.

“Those who manipulate the future of young people will face the consequences; arrests are being made nationwide in the NEET matter. The Central government has already enacted stringent laws, and significant measures are underway to enhance the entire examination system,” the Prime Minister said.


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