Sonam Lotus rules out any major flood threat

Srinagar: Amid alarmist reports of very heavy rainfall in J&K between July 5 and July 7, a widely trusted weather expert on Monday dispelled chances of a major flood in Kashmir. Frightful of the unprecedented flood that hit J&K especially the Valley in 2014, locals had started getting jittery amid media reports of very heavy rainfall between July 5 and July 7 that could trigger a major deluge in the Valley. Speaking exclusively to IANS, a widely trusted weather expert, Sonam Lotus, presently director of the Meteorological (MeT) Department in Ladakh union territory, said, “Let me first talk about the Valley. There are chances of light to moderate rainfall in the Valley with chances of heavy rainfall at isolated places between July 5 and July 7. This is highly unlikely to cause any major overall flood situation in Kashmir while the possibility of flashfloods and cloudbursts in higher reaches and a rise in water levels in rivers and streams, in general, is possible.” “People during monsoon season are always advised to be cautious especially from July to middle of September in the Valley. Monsoon is already active over J&K and it is likely to intensify further. Nothing is alarming during July 5 and July 7 that would indicate a continuous heavy rainfall which results in an overall flood situation in the Valley,” he said. “Rainfall would be moderate generally with isolated heavy showers at some places indicating the possibility of flashfloods and cloudbursts. So people in higher reaches of the Valley are advised to remain cautious without being alarmist about a general flood situation,” the MeT Director said. About the Jammu division, he said rainfall would be more intense in the Jammu region with heavy downpours at places that could trigger flashfloods, cloudbursts and mudslides. “Therefore, all I advise is caution while I rule out any overall impending flood situation in J&;K during this period,” he said. The people of J&K have depended upon the veteran weatherman for more than a decade. As fear of the 2014 return looms large, his assessment has offered clarity. Also, the Amarnath Yatra is in progress and thousands of pilgrims are visiting Kashmir.

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