Geneva: Exhibition showcases rapid development in J&K at UN

Geneva [Switzerland): In a significant display of progress and development initiatives, a banner exhibition highlighting advancements in  Jammu and Kashmir was held at the Broken Chair in Geneva, just outside the United Nations headquarters on Friday.
Organised by Sheikh Khalid, an author and peace activist from Srinagar, in collaboration with global human rights defender Elena Vallejo, the exhibition aimed to showcase the positive transformations in the Union Territory of India.

The exhibition featured a series of posters illustrating various technological interventions, advancements in food technology and processing, innovative approaches to Dal Lake cleaning, silk weaving traditions, and projects under the Srinagar Smart City initiative.

Sheikh Khalid emphasised the event’s role as a platform to communicate strides made in tourism, education, and environmental conservation efforts, particularly highlighting ongoing initiatives to rejuvenate Dal Lake.

Reflecting on historical context, Khalid underscored Kashmir’s decision in 1947 to integrate with India as a secular nation, opting for democracy and progress over alignment with Muslim-majority Pakistan.

Speaking on the current government’s efforts in combating cross-border terrorism, Khalid expressed satisfaction, a sentiment echoed during his participation at the 56th Session of the UN Human Rights Council. “The exhibition not only celebrates the rapid development in the Union Territory but also aims to counter extremist ideologies, particularly among the youth,” Khalid remarked.

“It signifies a shift towards positive narratives and showcases the resilience of Kashmiri people amidst challenges,” he added. Khalid highlighted that the exhibition marks a pivotal moment in showcasing Kashmir’s journey towards prosperity and peace on the global stage.

The event received positive reception as it conveyed a message of progress and resilience, shedding light on Kashmir’s evolving socio-economic landscape. (AGENCIES)

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