Govt issues recruitment rules for critical posts

Jammu: In a recent development, the Government of  Jammu and Kashmir has issued a directive aimed at streamlining the recruitment process for critical posts across various departments. The directive, stemming from concerns over delayed adherence to recruitment rules, emphasizes the importance of finalizing formal recruitment procedures.

Under the new guidelines outlined in Government Order No. 635-JK(GAD) dated February 16, 2024, departments are instructed to avoid amending recruitment rules via executive orders, except for critical posts where no formal method of recruitment exists or where urgent filling is required. Departments seeking to issue executive orders must first obtain concurrence from the Administrative Reforms, Inspection and Trainings Department (ARI & Trainings) and the Department of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs.

Furthermore, a committee established by Government Order No. 985-JK(GAD) of April 29, 2024, will oversee the vetting and finalization of these executive orders within one month of receiving complete proposals. These orders will be effective for a period of six months, during which departments must submit formal recruitment proposals to ensure compliance with government timelines.


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