Happy Father’s Day

Santosh Bakaya

Yesterday too was Father’s Day.

Yesterday too was Father’s Day and even the day before that.  It is Father’s Day every day.   Everyday, I see you, eyes gleaming, hat tilted to one side, an impish smile on your face.  What elegance! What grace! 

Every day 

I see you stooped on your writing table, 

evaluating answer sheets.

 Every day 

I hear your powerful baritone,  quoting  Shelley and Keats. 

Whenever I pass the English Department of Rajasthan University, Jaipur,

 through blurred eyes, I see your silhouette in your favorite pinstripe suit,  

standing on the stairs with an armful of books,

 looking here and there. Perhaps awaiting a lift? 

But, didn’t you own that smart bicycle that you loved to flaunt?  

Maybe it had a flat tyre that day? 


no, not every day,


I open my precious box,  

and daintily pick up your last letter addressed to me

 in your artistic handwriting- 

 Yes, you were an artist too- an unsung one. 

A cartoonist, a poet, and a novelist too,

 but alas, everything was incomplete, 

when you left us bereft one cruel day in June.  

 They say, in your last moments you asked for me- 

As you breathed your last in Kashmir, 

an uncanny shudder went through me, in Jaipur.

 Tears cascaded down my cheeks, 

Inadvertent words slipped through my lips,

 “I miss you, Papa. “


In your last moments, you had missed me, 

but I miss you every day.

 Every day is a day of missing you. , 

recalling your sense of humor,   your infectious laughter.,

I still find myself running after you

 for more of your lectures on Monet,  

Vincent Van Gogh. and Salvador Dali.   

 For more of Browning.

For more of you- 

till we meet once again 

in that hitherto unknown rendezvous.

      Internationally acclaimed for her poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi, Ballad of Bapu, Santosh Bakaya, ph.D  is a poet, novelist, editor,biographer and Tedx speaker with 28 books across different genres. Author can be mailed at [email protected]



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