Kajuwala to Jaisalmeri, elite non-local sheep flood Kashmir markets this Eid-Ul-Adha

Srinagar: With Eid-ul-Adha nearing, a variety of elite non- local sheep breeds are flooding Kashmiri markets to give customers a choice to choose best for the sacrifice.

From Kajuwala to Jaisalmeri, Marwari and others, a heavy quantity of sheep are being imported to Kashmir from various states of India to meet the demand this Eid- UlAdha.

As per the mutton dealers, both the quality and quantity has been enhanced this Eid -ulAdha to give the faithful a better choice to choose a healthy and superior sheep breed for sacrifice.

“We have a variety of sheep breeds in the market currently. From local  breeds to non-local, enough sacrificial animals  are available in the market so that no dearth is faced this week when the demand for sacrificial animals increases,” Khazir Mohammad Rigoo, spokesperson for the All Kashmir Mutton Dealers’ Association told KNO.

He specified that elite breeds such as Kajuwala, Jaisalmeri , Marwari Garola and others have been imported to meet the expectation of the people.

“These are some of the best sheep breeds who feed on chickpeas to gain weight and meat. Some like to sacrifice Kajuwala, which is a bit costly. Some people like to spend as much as money on the sacrificial animal to earn more rewards. The demand is good for Kajuwala, Jaisalmeri in Kashmiri markets,” Rigoo said.

Rigoo said a total of 40 trucks loaded with sheep were entering Kashmir on average daily to meet the demand for sacrificial animals.

“More than 40 trucks enter Kashmir on a daily basis. Each truck carries as many as 140 sheep, which means 2,24000 sheep are being imported from various states to Kashmir daily,” he said.

Pertinently, people in Srinagar prefer sheep for sacrifice. Apart from sheep, camels, and goats too have been imported by the dealers from various markets of India.

An official from the sheep husbandry department said that almost 40 percent of the demand will be met locally by the bakarwals and farmers in Kashmir.

“Bakarwals have already moved towards plains and they are selling sheep in various markets of Kashmir. Similarly, we have farmers who have set up their units and cater to the demand for Eid,” he said—(KNO)


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