Bandipora health care system efficient and effective: DHSK

Srinagar: A recent news item published in various sections of the press has claimed a decline or collapse of healthcare services in District Bandipora of Kashmir Division. A spokesperson from the Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir, has clarified that this report is far-fetched and does not represent the true state of healthcare in the district.

Contrary to these claims, healthcare services in District Bandipora have been functioning effectively and efficiently. Over the past year, the district’s healthcare system has managed to see 7,22,995 patients in the Outpatient Department (OPD) and admit 3,562 patients in the Inpatient Department (IPD). Additionally, 2,608 major surgeries and 11,198 minor surgeries have been performed, and 5,789 deliveries have been successfully conducted. Across various health institutions, 3,29,710 laboratory tests have been carried out, along with 19,971 ultrasounds.

The healthcare system in Bandipora is robust and capable of meeting the needs of its population. Although there are currently 25 vacancies in the regular establishment, the National Health Mission (NHM) has provided additional manpower, including 2 specialist doctors, 19 MBBS doctors, and 20 AYUSH doctors. Moreover, 7 post-graduate trainee doctors from various Government Medical Colleges are working in District Hospital Bandipora under the District Residency Programme to further enhance the service capacity.

The Directorate has also referred the vacant posts to the Public Service Commission for recruitment, and the process is underway to fill these positions accordingly.

The Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir, along with the Government of Jammu & Kashmir, remains committed to providing quality-driven, affordable healthcare services to the people at their doorsteps.

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