J&K admin forms panels to oversee transformation in governance

Srinagar:  A day after the new cabinet at the centre took formal shape. Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday established two vital committees to oversee the operations of the Centre for Innovation and Transformation in Governance (CITaG). These committees, namely the Empowered Committee and the Executive Committee, are designed to provide strategic guidance, approve pivotal projects, and ensure the effective implementation of innovative governance practices.

Empowered Committee to Guide Strategic Vision

As per KNO the Empowered Committee, which plays a critical role in overseeing the Project Management Unit (PMU), has been entrusted with the responsibility of approving various projects under CITaG. The committee is composed of Chairman: Chief Secretary, J&K. Members include Administrative Secretary, Finance Department, Administrative Secretary, General Administration Department, Administrative Secretary, Planning Development & Monitoring Department, Administrative Secretary, Revenue Department, Administrative Secretary, Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs Department, Director, IIM Jammu and Additional members as necessary.  The Terms of Reference include

Strategic Guidance: Provide overarching strategic guidance and oversight to the PMU to ensure alignment with government objectives.

Project Approval: Review and approve project proposals submitted by the PMU, ensuring they meet the set criteria and standards.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuously monitor the progress of ongoing projects and evaluate their outcomes to ensure they meet the desired objectives.

Training and Capacity Building: Facilitate initiatives aimed at training and building the capacity of government staff to implement and sustain innovative practices.

Promotion of Best Practices: Encourage the adoption and integration of best practices in governance to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Executive Committee for Operational Excellence

The Executive Committee is tasked with the day-to-day management of CITaG, ensuring that all projects align with the developmental goals of Jammu and Kashmir. This committee is composed of key personnel who ensure operational efficiency. Administrative Secretary, Planning Development & Monitoring Department has been appointed as Chairman. Members include Representative of IIM Jammu, Director General, PM&CE, Planning Development & Monitoring Department, Representative of the implementing department (not below the rank of Additional Secretary) and Additional members as necessary. The Committee has been mandated to ensure that all activities and projects are in alignment with the broader development goals and strategic vision of the region.  Diligently track the progress of projects, ensuring they adhere to timelines and deliverables. Approve and manage the allocation of resources to various projects to optimize outcomes and impact and  promote and facilitate training programs and partnerships with relevant stakeholders to enhance project implementation and sustainability.


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