Police attach illegally acquired property in narcotics case

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Police in Srinagar on Wednesday said to have attached property of Kamran Mushtaq Lone, son of Mushtaq Ahmad Lone, resident of Maloora, acquired in the name of his relative, out of illegal income earned through drug trafficking.

The accused namely Kamran Lone, a narcotics dealer, was arrested in case FIR No. 10/24 under section 8/21/27A/29 of NDPS Act by Police Station Parimpora on 30-01-2024, a police spokesman said in a statement.

During the investigation of the instant case, police said that the illegal proceeds from his narcotics trade were identified and a double storeyed duplex house in the name of Abdul Ahad Lone, son of Late Mohammed Akbar Lone, constructed in 2023, falling under survey no. 310 titled “Abadi Deh” situated at Shalla Mohalla, Maloora, has been attached with confirmation from the competent authority and administrator, SAFEMA and NDPSA, New Delhi.

In compliance to section 68 F(1) of NDPS Act, the inherited immovable property acquired by the accused through illegal means was seized and attached, and it shall not be transferred/sold/ purchased or otherwise dealt with without the prior permission of the competent authority, police said.


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