Fire at CD Hospital brought timely under control, no mishap reported

Srinagar: A minor fire incident was reported on Wednesday at around 09:55 am in a building of Govt. Chest Disease Hospital, Dalgate, Srinagar, due to some short circuit.

Administrative staff, Security Personnel, other Hospital staff and staff of the Mechanical and Hospital Division of the hospital promptly and timely extinguished the fire with the help of available resources like fire extinguishers (ABC, C02 and foam type), and the fire was controlled immediately and no mishap was reported.

In order to prevent the further damage, the Fire and Emergency Services Department was intimated and in the meantime they visited the spot but by that time the fire was extinguished, however, they inspected the spot to check whether fire had been brought under control.

It is pertinent to mention here that this incident occurred in a building that is located far away from the main Chest Disease Hospital.

Further, it has been communicated with the concerned Department (Electricity Division Srinagar) to checkout any further risk of fire in the hospital as soon as possible in order to prevent any hazardous event in the future for the safety of hospital property as well as life of staff.

Besides, the Fire and Emergency Department will be informed to conduct the Fire Audit of the said hospital on an urgent basis.


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