Vitasta School of Law observes “No Tobacco Day” in collaboration with DLSA

Srinagar:  In a significant initiative to promote public health and awareness, the Vitasta School of Law and Humanities, Nowgam Srinagar, in collaboration with the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Srinagar, observed NO Tobacco Day with great enthusiasm and participation from students, faculty, and distinguished guests.

The event took place at the college premises and witnessed the active involvement of students, who engaged in various activities aimed at spreading awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption. The programme began with a welcome address by Principal Prof. Rafiq Fareedi, who highlighted the importance of such observances in educating the youth about the dangers of tobacco use and encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Prof. Fareedi emphasised the role of educational institutions in shaping the future of society by instilling values of health and well-being in students. He also expressed his gratitude to the District Legal Services Authority Srinagar for their collaboration in making the event a success.

Vice Principal Rakib Zia addressed the gathering, underscoring the legal and social implications of tobacco consumption. He discussed the various laws and regulations in place to control tobacco use and protect public health, urging students to not only abide by these laws but also become advocates for a tobacco-free society.

Coordinator Mr. Umar Rather played a pivotal role in organizing the event and ensuring its smooth execution. He coordinated various activities, including debates, and presentations by students, all focused on the theme of tobacco cessation and its benefits.

The event also featured a series of informative sessions conducted by experts from the District Legal Services Authority Srinagar, who provided valuable insights into the legal framework surrounding tobacco control and the efforts being made at the district level to combat this public health issue. They also engaged in interactive discussions with the students, addressing their queries and encouraging them to contribute to the cause.
The highlight of the event was a powerful pledge-taking ceremony, where all attendees, led by Principal Prof. Rafiq Fareedi, Vice Principal Rakib Zia, and Coordinator Mr. Umar Rather, took a solemn oath to abstain from tobacco use and to promote a tobacco-free environment in their communities.

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