Div Com visits Gulmarg; prioritizes tourism sector regulation

Baramulla: In a significant move aimed at boosting tourism and addressing local concerns, Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir, Vijay Kumar Bidhuri Thursday undertook a visit to Gulmarg and conducted a series of meetings with various stakeholders including hoteliers, ponywalas, Tourist guides and All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) drivers.

The meeting, held at the prestigious Golf Club Gulmarg, focused on enhancing the tourism experience in Gulmarg, addressing the challenges faced by local businesses, and exploring new opportunities for sustainable development in the region.

Bidhuri emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between the administration and local stakeholders to ensure a thriving tourism sector that benefits the local economy.

Chief Executive Officer, Gulmarg Development Authority, Waseem Raja provided a detailed briefing during the visit. He outlined the initiatives to promote eco-friendly tourism and improve the overall tourist experience, including safety protocols, upgraded facilities and promotional strategies to attract more visitors.

Hoteliers raised issues related to infrastructure maintenance, safety measures and promotional activities to attract more tourists. Ponywalas and ATV members discussed the need for better facilities and regulatory measures to ensure the safety and satisfaction of visitors.

During the meeting, the Div Com directed the CEO Gulmarg Development Authority to allocate specific routes for ponywalas and ATV drivers to operate on, aiming to enhance regulation and management of their activities. This directive ensures a structured approach to their movements, contributing to improved organization and oversight.

Additionally, Div Com emphasized the provision of uniforms and identity cards for registered ponywalas, ATV drivers, and tourist guides, promoting professionalism and accountability within the industry while also facilitating easier identification for tourists. By implementing these measures, the authorities can better monitor and enforce compliance with regulations, thereby promoting safety and integrity within the tourism sector.

Bidhuri assured all stakeholders of the administration’s commitment to addressing their concerns and working towards the overall development of Gulmarg as a premier tourist destination. He also highlighted the government’s ongoing initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure and promoting eco-friendly tourism practices.


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