Heroic act saves 4-yr-old child from drowning in river Jhelum at Safa Kadal

Srinagar: A 4-year-old boy was rescued from drowning in the river Jhelum at Gase Mohallah in Safa Kadak area of Srinagar after a quick action by a local man, whose bravery averted a potential tragedy.

A police official told KNO that the incident occurred near Gasi Mohallah in SafaKadal area of Srinagar, in which a boy while playing slipped into the river Jhelum and that the timely rescue by a local saved his life from drowning.

However, the quick rescue has sparked both admiration for the rescuer and concern over parental negligence as well.

“It is a miracle of Allah, the boy survived. This is Jhelum, it is not a canal, it is very rare that someone who slips like this comes out alive,” said a local from the area.

As per a video viral on social media, the person shooting the video says that the boy slipped and fell into the fast-flowing waters of the Jhelum.

Witnesses said that hearing the boy’s cries for help and seeing him struggle to stay afloat, panic spread among onlookers after which a young man, followed by another person sprang into action and without hesitation, jumped into the river and managed to reach the boy, bringing him safely to shore.

Soon after the boy was rescued from Jhelum, a person aiding the rescue can be seen giving him Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

People across the valley have showered praises on his heroism, with many calling him a true hero. “This man risked his own life to save the child,” said one witness. “His bravery deserves all the praise,” he said.

Amidst the celebration of a fortunate outcome, the incident has also raised concerns about the supervision of children by parents, who live and go near the water bodies.

Pertinently, summer in Kashmir often sees an increase in accidents involving water bodies, as children, young boys flock to rivers and lakes to escape the heat.

Tragically, such outings have sometimes ended in fatalities, particularly among non-swimmers.

Meanwhile, as per the hospital reports the rescued boy, though shaken, is reported to be in good health and recovering.

Meanwhile, police officials too confirmed to KNO about the incident and said that the boy slipped into the river Jhelum near Gasi Mohallah in Safa Kadal, when he was playing and that the timely action by a local man saved his life from drowning.

When contacted, SMHS hospital authorities said that the boy was fine and stable but was further sent for a paediatric check up at children’s hospital.

Meanwhile, Imtiyaz Ahmad, father of the boy when contacted said that they were at children’s hospital to undergo some tests and that his son was recovering—(KNO)


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