‘Twist Ease Clean (TEC) Tank’: KU innovators secure patent

Innovation promises significant benefits to society, says Vice-Chancellor

Srinagar, May 22: A team of student innovators and faculty members from the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Technology (DEIT), University of Kashmir (KU), has been granted a patent by the Patent Authority of India for their ground-breaking ‘Twist Ease Clean (TEC)’ tank design. This innovative solution is set to revolutionise the traditional water tank cleaning methods, addressing persistent safety and efficiency issues.

The TEC tank incorporates a central twisting mechanism, similar to the threading used in bottle caps, allowing for even weight distribution and stable handling. With the centre of mass positioned closer to the midpoint, users can lift and carry the tank with reduced torque and turning force, an official spokesperson said in a statement issued here.

“Conventional water tank cleaning methods pose serious risks to individuals, including injuries, falls and exposure to harmful substances,” the spokesperson quoted the innovators explaining in the statement.

“Our TEC tank design eliminates the need for workers to enter the confined space of the tank, mitigating these dangers,” they said.

The innovative design features strategically placed handles along the four sides, providing optimal grip and leverage for effortless twisting and interior access. Users can easily open or close the tank, facilitating efficient cleaning and ensuring sediment-free water. Additionally, the TEC tank offers the option to remove the tank’s half section, further minimising risks associated with enclosed spaces during maintenance, read the statement.

The team of inventors behind this ground-breaking design includes: Jehangir Hameed Lone, Syed Kashif Jeelani Alvi, Sajid Noor, Umhara Rasool, Dr Javaid Ahmad Sheikh, Dr Abdul Mueed Hafiz and Saqlain Mushtaq, the statement read.

With its user-friendly features and risk mitigation capabilities, the TEC tank promises to revolutionise the water tank industry, ensuring a safer and more efficient cleaning process for communities worldwide.

In her congratulatory message, KU Vice Chancellor, Prof Nilofer Khan, extended her heartfelt congratulations to the innovators and faculty members for this remarkable achievement.

“This patent is a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of our students and faculty. Their innovation not only brings pride to our university but also promises significant benefits to society by enhancing safety and efficiency in water tank maintenance,” she said.

KU Registrar, Prof Naseer Iqbal, in his special congratulations to the entire team, lauded the ground-breaking innovation. “This invention is a significant contribution that can prove very beneficial to the society. We are committed to supporting such innovative endeavours in the future as well,” he reiterated.

Various stakeholders within and outside the university have congratulated the team for their innovation and the successful patent grant.

The entire team expressed their gratitude to the University of Kashmir for funding the innovation through the ‘Start-up Programme’, which enabled the development of the prototype.


The manufacturing of the prototype is currently underway, and it will soon be launched in the market, the spokesperson added.


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