Handwara-Kupwara showcase strong commitment to democracy

Handwara/Kupwara/Langate/Trehgam, May 20: Today’s dawn painted the serene landscapes of North Kashmir’s Handwara and Kupwara in a hopeful glow as it wasn’t ordinary. It was election day, an air of anticipation crackled across. Citizens streamed towards polling stations, eager to exercise their right to vote.

Nestled amidst apple orchards and prized walnut groves, Kupwara district became the heart of democratic fervor for the Baramulla constituency’s fifth-phase of elections.

The Pink Polling Station, housed in the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Handwara stood out. This all-women team, led by the indomitable Shafeeqa Shaheen, embodied strides in gender equality. Polling Officers Tahira, Shahida, and Suriya ensured a smooth voting experience for all voters.

Among the voters, Gowhar, a 19-year-old first-time voter with a disability, stole the show at Langate polling station. His determination to cast his vote was infectious.  His message was clear: young people, make your voices heard!

At the 52-Hangah-A polling station, Ateequllah, the presiding officer, greeted voters with warmth, fostering a sense of community. It was a reminder that democracy thrives on both participation and unity.

Further down the electoral trail, at the Batergam polling station near Trehgam village of Kupwara, Sanaullah Mir, Abdul Ahad, and Ghulam Hassan, pillars of their community, casted their votes with quiet resolve. Each ballot was a symbol of their commitment to a strong democracy.


As the sun began its descent, casting fiery hues across the sky, the lines at Singhpora-Pattan’s Government School remained unbroken. Here, the people stood united, their unwavering faith in democracy lighting the path towards a brighter future.




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