JK Munificent Angels’ hold healthcare camp

Srinagar: JK Munificent Angels on Friday organized a free healthcare camp  at ICDS Centre Kreshbal, Noorbagh.
The initiative under the ‘Targeted Intervention Project’ for high risk groups was supported by JKSACS. The camp was held to address the healthcare needs of the High-Risk Group (HRG) in the community.

The camp saw a significant turnout, with numerous residents availing themselves of the free medical consultations, diagnostic services, and essential medicines provided. A team of dedicated doctors, healthcare professionals and others tirelessly throughout the day to ensure that every patient/ HRG received the necessary attention and care.
The event was highly appreciated by the local community, who expressed their gratitude for the accessible healthcare services. Organizers JK Munificent Angels highlighted the importance of such initiatives in improving public health, particularly for vulnerable groups with limited access to medical facilities. The camp ended with a counseling session on HIV/AIDS.


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