IFC Extends 500 Million $ to HDFC Bank to ramp up microloans

Srinagar: Women, especially microloan borrowers in semi-urban and rural areas, will have increased access to finance with IFC financing of up to US$500 million to HDFC Bank aiming to support lending for income generation purposes, fostering financial inclusion and socio-economic growth in the country.

“As a Bank we have been committed to empowering women especially by targeted lending to Self -Help Groups (SHGs) and Joint Liability Groups (JLGs), which further helps take banking to the underbanked and unbanked. This longer duration credit facility from IFC will further boost these efforts,” said Arup Rakshit, Group Head, Treasury, HDFC Bank.

Non-banking financial companies, including microfinance institutions (MFIs) and small finance banks, are the major lenders to women seeking loan for income generation purposes, accounting for nearly 65.7 percent of the total microfinance lending in India, and collectively reaching approximately 47 million clients with an aggregate gross loan portfolio of US$31.6 billion as of December 31, 2023.

However, MFIs are highly fragmented, have limited capacity, and face higher funding costs. In this context, the extensive distribution network of banks and lower funding costs, among others, can be leveraged to increase access to microloans for women, promoting self-employment. While banks account for 40 percent of the total microlending in the country, microloans constitute a small proportion of their total lending portfolios.

“Access to financial services is key to empowering women and strengthening the economy. IFC aims to promote greater inclusiveness of underserved women borrowers by showing the viability of scaling up microlending to this segment,” said Imad Fakhoury, IFC’s Regional Director for South Asia.  IFC’s investment in HDFC Bank will encourage the wider industry of lenders and investors, with an aim to spur microfinance lending in India.”

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