Govt reconstitutes departmental designated committee of H&ME Deptt

Srinagar, May 10: The Government has ordered the reconstitution of the departmental designated committee of the Health and Medical Education Department.

As per order issued by the Health and Medical Education Department, Special Secretary Health and Medical Education Department will be Chairman of the Committee.

“In supersession of all previous orders on the subject, sanction is hereby accorded to the re-constitution of a Departmental Designated committee to examine the cases of doctors or any officer/official of Health and Medical Education Department/ subordinate offices for proper and timely disposal of cases pertaining to un-authorized absence/overstay on deputation/ study leave/NoC cases or any other relevant case,” reads the order.

The other members of the committee include Additional Secretary to Government (Dealing with HRM Section), Additional Secretary to Government (Dealing with Health & Medical Education Section), Assistant Law Officer, Health and Medical Education Department (Dealing with Health Section), Assistant Accounts Officers Health and Medical Department (s) and Under Secretary to the Government H&ME (Dealing with HRM Section) will be member secretary.

“The committee shall be assisted by the Section Officer (HRM), Head Assistant and Senior Assistant (HRM) and the section to which the case(s) pertains.” It reads

The committee will examine cases of doctors or any other officers/officials of subordinate offices related to the un-authorized absence/over-stay on deputation/study leave cases or other like cases and to make specific recommendations in such cases as may be referred to it, to take cognizance of difficulties being faced by general public due to authorized/un-authorized absence of Doctors/Para Medical Staff etc while making recommendations in any such case, to examine whether all pre-requisite conditions have been fulfilled, prior to deciding authorized/un-authorized period of absence, to examine whether concerned Head of Department has furnished specific proposal/recommendation along-with documentary evidence, to examine the intent of recommending authority for permission to undergo higher studies by any doctor/paramedics prior to formal approval/sanction of study leave by the competent authority, to examine all re-percussions in allowing doctors to rejoin after un-authorized absence and to examine any other, fully or partially related case, which may be referred to the Committee by the Department

“The Committee may recommend the cases in terms of relevant rules and make suggestion(s) to the competent authority and to submit its recommendations based on prior rationale, reasonable justification & documentary evidence,” it reads.

The committee shall adhere the following that the Member Secretary of the Committee shall obtain the details of the cases from the concerned HODs quarterly, place the case(s) as received from the concerned HoDs before the designated committee quarterly for discussion/recommendations and the Committee shall submit its recommendations to the authorities for approval and the HRM Section shall dispose of the recommendations of Committee on case to case basis. (KNO)

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