3 empty chairs haunt teachers, students at KV School Sgr

Srinagar: It was nothing like previous school days— the usual hugging and shaking hands during the morning assembly with friends and classmates replaced cries and sobs.

The sun has come out but the clouds of gloom have taken over the valley. The scenes at Kendriya Vidyalaya in Srinagar are nothing different; the death of three children of the institution has left students and teachers in shock.

On Thursday, Anayah—a 5th standard student of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Srinagar for the first time had to attend ‘but to not’ the morning assembly without her three friends and classmates who had lost their lives in a boat capsizing incident on Tuesday in which six persons were killed, ten were rescued while three others are still missing.

Sitting lost in the morning assembly—Anayah told KNO that every time she looks at the bench where her late classmates Tanvir Fayaz and Mudasir Fayaz used to sit, she feels panicked and all alone.

Not only Tanvir Fayaz and Mudasir Fayaz, Anayah had lost her another classmate Faziq Showkat in a boat capsizing incident on Tuesday.

“I can never forget how we (Tanvir and Mudasir) used to share our lunch on the same bench, play together and decorate the classrooms,” she said.

Anayah said that she will miss everything that she was sharing with Tanvir, Mudasir and Faziq.

Recalling some of the moments, Anayah said that Tanvir and Mudasir were the most active students in the school and used to take every responsibility whichever was being thrusted to. “They used to be with us all the time. They were helping us to decorate the classroom.”

The classmates of the duo further said that both of them used to play a lot of games, especially football.

Tanvir and Mudasir’s other friend at KV school Manav said that they used to beat the drums in the school during morning assembly.

“In today’s morning assembly, there was no drummer in our school. But, I pledge to keep their hobby alive. I will reverberate the drums in the school,” Manav said.

He said, “No one in the school can replace their presence in school. Today, I feel this school is more like a castle wherein no one makes us laugh in the classroom. Everyone was so sad and numb in the morning assembly.”—(KNO)

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