PM Modi vows more stringent action against corruption in next 5 years

New Delhi: Addressing an election rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assailed the INDIA bloc for its ‘opportunism’ ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, as he reiterated his government’s resolve to turn up the heat on corruption in the next five years.

Describing himself as a ‘Mahakaal Bhakt’, PM Modi declared that he is not afraid of hollow threats, adding that those who joined politics to fill their coffers should refrain from threatening him.

“The INDI alliance wants to destroy and eliminate Sanatan Dharma. They have entered the poll fray with this intention,” the Prime Minister said, as he claimed that certain sections of the political class are irked with him over the Ram Mandir’s Pran Pratishtha ceremony in Ayodhya earlier this year.

Informing the gathering about his guarantees, PM Modi said that the heat on graft will only intensify over the next five years when all the corrupt people will be made to pay the ill-gotten money from their lockers.

The Prime Minister also said that the upcoming Lok Sabha polls are crucial for the country as they will mark the construction of a ‘New India’.

PM Modi’s remarks are seen as a strong rejoinder to Rahul Gandhi’s comments calling the elections a fight between ‘saving and destroying democracy’.

Slamming the Congress and the INDIA bloc, PM Modi said they have joined hands despite having differences only to stop the BJP’s victory march.

“They don’t want to stop Modi from riding to power, all they want is to stop the growth of the country,” he said.

Lauding the works of the double-engine governments, the Prime Minister said that the 10 years of development is just a ‘trailer’ and much more is left because the nation has to scale new heights of success and prosperity.

Describing the achievements of the NDA regime in the past 10 years as ‘fireworks’, he said the real Diwali is yet to come.



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