Festive treat: Rajpora’s Sheermal continues to be in high demand

Pulwama: The tradition of buying Sheermal from Rajpora in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district for special occasions like Eid remains strong among people in the valley and beyond, with demand consistently increasing during festive periods.

Sheermal is a distinctive, flat and circular bread adorned with sesame seeds. This bread typically enjoyed with Kashmiri Namkeen tea or Sheer Chai, has become an essential element of various social customs and traditions in Kashmir. It comes in two varieties: sweet, enjoyed with Khewa, and salty, savoured with Noon-Chai.

Mohammad Akbar Sofi, a bread-maker in Rajpora town, has been working tirelessly in recent days to fulfill Sheermal orders ahead of Eid. Alongside him, more than two dozen bakers in Rajpora have been putting in extra hours to meet the high demand for Sheermal.

Akbar said that in the past, only those with the means could afford Sheermal. “However, now it is accessible to nearly everyone in the village,” he said, adding that while people from various parts of Kashmir traditionally come to Rajpora for Sheermal, the customer influx significantly increases during festive periods, which boosts sales.

Shakeel Ahmad, another baker, said their Sheermal variety has been in high demand for decades due to its uncompromising quality. “Kashmiris living elsewhere often visit Rajpora to purchase Sheermal in bulk as a special gift for their friends,” he said.

During Eid and other festive occasions, hundreds of customers from distant places flock to the area to buy Sheermal, Shakeel said, adding, “Each baker typically sells around 4000-5000 kgs of Sheermal on Eid, providing a substantial source of income for those involved in bread-making.”


Customers queuing at bakeries in Rajpora expressed their willingness to travel long distances to purchase Sheermal and share it with their relatives.

They said that while Sheermals are made in other regions, none match the crispiness and flavour of Rajpora Sheermal.

Rajpora Sheermals are preferred across Kashmir and beyond for their unmatched quality and taste. (KNO)



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