Section 144 Imposed In Leh

LEH: Authorities in Leh district, Ladakh Union Territory, have enforced Section 144 of the CrPC 1973 to uphold peace in the region.

According to an order issued by District Magistrate Leh, Santosh Sukhadeve, IAS, in response to a report from Senior Superintendent of Police, Leh, reliable information suggests a potential breach of peace and public tranquility in the district. Thus, to prevent any disturbances and ensure the safety of human life, Section 144 of the CrPC 1973 has been invoked.

The order prohibits the organisation of processions, rallies, or marches without prior written approval from the District Magistrate. Additionally, the use of mounted vehicles or loudspeakers requires prior authorization from the competent authority. Public gatherings are strictly prohibited without prior approval, and individuals are cautioned against making statements that could disrupt communal harmony or public tranquility, potentially leading to law and order issues. Compliance with the model code of conduct and adherence to the law in all activities is mandatory.

“As the order cannot be individually served, it is being passed ex-parte. Any violation of this directive will result in punitive action under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. All the persons shall ensure that they follow the model code of conduct and that all the activities are according to the law,” reads the order.

“Any violation of the order shall invite punitive action under Section 188 of Indian Penal Code,” it adds.


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