Enemy knows this is New India: PM Modi

Jaipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a scathing attack on the opposition, saying the Congress never permitted soldiers to get even with the enemy.

Addressing a mammoth rally in Rajasthan’s Churu in support of paralympic Devendra Jhajahria, PM Modi said that things have changed now as “the enemy knows that this is New India, which enters into enemy territories to give a befitting reply to them (Yeh Naya Bharat hai jo ghar mein ghus ke marta hai).”

“As long as the Congress people remained in power, they kept the hands of our soldiers tied… The enemy would attack and leave but they did not allow the soldiers to respond. The soldiers kept demanding one rank one pension, but they did nothing… When our government came, we gave them open permission to give befitting replies to enemies on borders. Today even enemies know that ‘This is Modi; This is New India which attacks after entering into territories of enemies.”

PM Modi recalled his visit to Churu on February 26, 2019, which came soon after the Balakot airstrikes. “We had taught the terrorists a lesson,” he said.

He repeated the words he shared in Churu last year and said, “Main desh nahin jhukne doonga, saugandh mujhe hai mitti ki…”

“When our Army carried out the surgical strikes, the Ghamandiya Ghathbandhan demanded proof of bravery from the Army. Insulting the Army and dividing the country is the identity of the Congress party,” he said.

PM Modi attacked the opposition’s alliance and said the people of the ‘Ghamandiya Ghathbandhan’ had called Lord Ram “imaginary”.

“Just a few months ago, the dream of Ram temple in Ayodhya was fulfilled. The Congress party was openly insulting our faith,” he said, adding, “The country has always paid the price for the sins of Congress.”

He further said that a journalist told him that the Congress Party has issued an advisory out of fear in which they have asked their workers to stay tightlipped if there is any discussion about the Ram temple.

“Our country now cannot tolerate this grave insult to our faith,” he added.

Speaking on the bold steps taken by the NDA government, the PM said, “Today Article 370 has been abolished from Kashmir. The law on triple talaq is helping our Muslim sisters. Entire families used to live in tension in fear of triple talaq. Modi has saved not just Muslim sisters but all Muslim families.”

PM Modi praised the BJP candidate, Devendra Jhajharia, who is a veteran Paralympian and a three-time medallist (2 golds, 1 silver) from the Paralympic Games.

The PM said he shared a very close bond with Jhajharia and was impressed by the inspiring words of his mother when he met her.

He said, “Very few amongst you know that Devendra Jhajharia and I share a very old relationship. When I met him for the first time, his mother’s words touched my heart.”

“The mother, illiterate and poor, who was struggling to survive, inspired her son to serve the country. Further, Devendra also worked hard to bring name and fame to India leaving his poverty challenges behind. Modi’s motive behind giving a ticket to Devendra was that the dreams of the poor mother’s son should also be fulfilled.”

“The other motive was that the sons and daughters of the Indian sports world should remember that his contribution to the sports world would never be forgotten. Devendra not only fought poverty but also made his country famous in the World,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said, “Narendra Modi has come to Churu from Delhi to seek blessings for Devendra. When Narendra seeks blessings, people shower them with open hearts.”

PM Modi further said that a lot of work has been done in the last 10 years, but this is very little. “What Modi has done till now is only like the starter available in big hotels, a lot needs to be done yet,” he added

He further mentioned the guarantees given by him which have been fulfilled. “The guarantees given by Modi have been fulfilled. Unlike other parties, the BJP does not just release its manifesto. We come with a resolution letter. Most of the resolutions that we had issued in 2019 have been fulfilled.”

Speaking on pandemic times, he said, “We worked honestly. A crisis like corona came. The world was thinking that India would be ruined and the world would also be ruined. In this crisis, India made its country the fifth-largest economy in the World.”

“We too could have said that it is a disaster, what should I do? But Modi did not choose that path. To challenge the challenge is the strength of our soil. In Rajasthan, it is said — Apni Karni, Paar Utarni. We worked hard and gave results, he added.

PM Modi appealed to people present there to exercise their franchise.

It needs to be mentioned here that BJP has fielded Paralympian Devendra Jhajharia from Churu. The Congress has given a ticket to Rahul Kaswan, who quit the BJP after he was denied the candidature.

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