Godrej Agrovet’s Hanabi revolutionising Apple farming in Kashmir

Srinagar: Godrej Agrovet Limited, one of India’s largest diversified agri-business, last year launched Hanabi, an advanced pesticide for controlling Mites in apple orchards.

With the patent chemistry discovered and developed by Japan’s Nissan Chemical Corporation, Hanabi provides longer duration of control on mites, coupled with faster knockdown activity translating into better yields for the farmers.

The cultivation of Apple, one of the most important commercial fruit crop in India, is dominated by Kashmir. Accounting 49 percent of total area under cultivation in the region , it contributes a significant 78 percent to the country’s annual Apple output. However, this thriving industry faces challenges from pests like European Red Mites causing substantial damage to the production as well quality.

Commenting on Hanabi’s benefits and efficacy, Rajavelu NK, CEO, Crop Protection Business, Godrej Agrovet Limited, said “In Kashmir, where the annual export of 18 lakh metric tons of apples sustains livelihoods and contributes to 75 percent of India’s apple production , we understand the deep impact of our agricultural practices. While abiotic climatic challenges remain beyond our control, the introduction of Hanabi stands as a testament to our commitment in addressing biotic factors that threaten this thriving industry.”

“Protecting Apple crop by eradicating mite’s during their entire lifecycle, Hanabi’s quick action formula starts immediately after the spray. Providing 80% knockdown within 3-4 hours after spray, Hanabi is a reliable and efficient pest control solution. Additionally, it’s insecticidal activity has also been proven to have secondary efficacy against Thrips and White Fly. We are confident that this innovative solution will revolutionize the Apple farming in the valley,” he added.

For better results, Hanabi should be used in early stage of Mite infestation. First spray of 0.5 gram per litre of water used, should be done when the population of mites is 3-5 mites per leaf.

The introduction of Hanabi, in Kashmir, highlights Godrej Agrovet’s steadfast dedication to introducing innovative solutions for Indian farmers through international collaborations. This will ultimately enhance the prosperity and livelihoods of local farmers making them more resilient towards adversities.

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