Phrasal fragrance of phrasal king 

Prof Dr Shiv Sethi

Tagore, Aurobindo, Kamala Das, Sarojini Naidu and Arbind Kumar Choudhary   have been popularly called Indian Shakespeare, Indian Milton, Indian Sylvia Plath, Nightingale of India and Phrasal  King in the popular psyche of the creative milieu in and outside India. Arbind Kumar Choudhary   is primarily an ideologist rather than escapologist who tries  his level best for the creationist in general and the modernist in particular from this cultural land of milk and honey. Being the king of the sensuous feasts this poet beats the breasts from first to last amidst many an egoist. His two poetry collections entitled Majuli: The Vatican City of Assam and Mother India have been prescribed for the graduate and post graduate courses of English at Sivasagar University, Assam. His eleven poetry collections in English, more than six dozen published interviews in Malta, Romania, America, Albania, and India , awarded by Teresinka Pereira, president of International Writers And Artists Association,U.S. A, the honour of the Peace Ambassador from Poetry by Gabrielle Simond, president of Geneva based duo organizations- Universal Peace Embassy and   Universal  Ambassador Peace Circle,Life Time Achievement Award by Syed Ameeruddin, president of International Poets Academy, Chennai, Mandakini Award by poet Mahashweta Chaturvedi , president of International  Poets Society, Bareilly and ,above all, the  creation of The Phrasal King Arbind Choudhary  National Poetry Award from  2017 onwards by Kalyan Ganguard, president  of Mahatma Gandhi Education and Welfare Society, Mumbai, speak volumes about the poetic iridescence of this Phrasal King in Indian English poetry. His poetic appearance flashed all on a sudden in the year 2007 with this maiden poetry  collection–Eternal Voices followed by Universal Voices, My Songs, Melody, Nature Poems, Love Poems, Nature, Love, The Poet, Majuli: The Vatican City of Assam and Mother India respectively.

These romantic ingredients- sensuous approach, fiery imagery, intense passion, mythical blending, lyrical luminosity, natural iridescence, proverbial pregnancy, love for beauty, melancholic tone, pictorial passage, emotional eruption, phrasal fragrance and uses of various figures of   speech  that run wild across his verses keep this Phrasal King besides John Keats, the Romanticists while creation of the  Arbindonean  racy style of versification, Indianised version of Arbindonean sonnets and ,above all, The Phrasal Movement makes him the undisputed Phrasal Monarch in Indian English poetry. The junction of three or more than three phrasal words in a quatrain  that leaves  behind the phrasal fragrance for Tom, Dick, and Harry in general and the verse-suitors in particular persuades a large group of versifiers to honor him with the crown of The Phrasal King in Indian English poetry.

Choudhary  is  primarily a poet of sensations who has created a number of sensational creations -Indianised version of sonnets  popularly called Arbindonean sonnets in the same way Spenser , Shakespeare and Milton  have popularised Spenserian, Shakespearean and Miltonic sonnets in English poetry. His Indianised version of sonnets bring  to light various social, historical, cultural, philosophical and spiritual messages of India with might and main. Indianness runs wild from alpha and omega of his verses that makes him out and out an Indian English poet from this cultural capital of the world.

His philosophy of suffering, nature, love and poetry that appears in Melody, Nature, Love and The Poet makes him better than ever in the history of contemporary Indian English poetry. His poetic purpose is to turn the century for the lap of luxury for the poetry  lovers over the tomb story of the sophistry.

His fiery imagination, pictorial painting, amatory poetic artillery and condolatory glory sing the success story of his phrasal heraldry on this literary territory through fire and water. The painterly painting of ruralscape,  Majuliscape and  Sirajpurscape  makes him a painter rather than a poet in Indian writing in English . Majuliscape  covers the major portion of his verses and makes him a poet of nature without trial and error.

His focus on Indian mythical heroes on one hand and the western mythical champions on the other earns the crown of the mythical  monarch  in English poetry in India. The blending of the eastern and the  western mythical  messiahs  opens a new door of versification for the contemporary writers and the peeping poets next to peep. Like Philip Larkin   Arbind Kumar Choudhary   paints a lovely picture of love making scene in Love and other poems that make him poet   of  sex rather than love  in  English poetry in India. His striking passionate quatrain that arouses the sensation of the suitors for his sweet heart speaks volumes about the intense passion of love in English poetry in India.

Arbind Kumar Choudhary   is a poet by passion but a  professor of English by profession. Poetry is his passion in which he plays with the words and  various forms of  styles as if it were the erogenous zones of his sweet heart. His constant romance with various forms of verses that he explores and experiments in one  poem after another makes him a versifier of first water in Indian English poetry.

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