Increase in street begging across Srinagar

People urge authorities for action

Srinagar: In the ongoing holy month of Ramadan, streets surrounding significant religious sites including Jamia Masjid, Dargah Hazratbal, Syed Kabir Sahab Sonwar, Makdoom Sahab, Dastgeer Sahab shrine at Khanyar and  Sarai Bala among others religious places in Kashmir are witnessing a notable increase in population of beggars.

Among the bustling crowds, individuals of various ages and backgrounds can be seen soliciting alms, often approaching devotees before and after their prayers.

The locals from these areas said despite efforts to curb begging, the surge persists, drawing attention to the need for more effective measures.

Sahil, a local from Nowhatta, said as a regular visitor to Jamia Masjid during Ramadan, “I’ve noticed a significant rise in the number of beggars outside the mosque”.

He added that it’s disheartening to see them exploiting the sanctity of this sacred month for their own gain.

“Ramadan should be a time of reflection and generosity, but the prevalence of beggars outside the shrine diminishes the spiritual experience,” lamented Umer, another resident.

“We need more sustainable solutions to address poverty and homelessness in our society.”

“The authorities and religious leaders should acknowledge the issue as it’s a matter of concern,” added another local, adding that the presence of beggars outside religious sites is a longstanding problem that requires a comprehensive approach.

Meanwhile, locals from not only Srinagar, but different districts of the Kashmir valley, are requesting the authorities to kindly keep a check on the beginning menace, to either register them so the hard-earned money from localities doesn’t go into wrong hands. KNO


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