‘GMC&A hospitals committed to quality patient care’

Srinagar, March 10:  In a medical emergency, a 20-year-old male patient was admitted to a private hospital in Srinagar and subsequently referred to SMHS Hospital in critical condition on the night of March 9 at 12:30 am.

Upon assessment, hospital spokesperson said, the patient was diagnosed with acute abdomen, accompanied by sepsis and septic shock.

“Following his admission, immediate resuscitation measures were undertaken, and the patient’s condition was communicated to the attending family members.”

With their informed consent, spokesperson said, urgent surgery was performed promptly, commencing at 3:30 AM. “The surgery revealed Faecal Peritonitis secondary to ileal perforation.”

Postoperatively, the patient was placed on a ventilator and subsequently extubated during the day.

However, spokesperson noted his condition deteriorated suddenly around 6:00 pm. “Despite immediate intervention and consultation with the ICU team, the patient’s condition worsened, leading to an unfortunate outcome.”

Faecal Peritonitis with Septic shock carries a significant mortality rate globally, ranging from 50% to 90%, spokesperson said.

“Given the patient’s delayed presentation to the hospital and the severity of his condition, including prolonged shock and septic complications, regrettably, he could not recover from irreversible shock.”

The SMHS Hospital, spokesperson said, along with associated medical facilities, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to patient care and the delivery of high-quality healthcare services to our community.


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