Ganderbal’sKani artisan receives prestigious UT award

Ganderbal, Feb 29: Ghulam Mohammad Magray, hailing from Kachan area of Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district, has been honored with the prestigious Union Territory Level Award for his exceptional mastery in Kani Work, a traditional craft highlighting Willow Wicker artistry.

Magray’s extraordinary talents have secured him the coveted first prize of Rs 50,000, acknowledging his unwavering dedication to preserving and advancing this indigenous art form, thereby shining a spotlight on the cultural richness of the region.

The recent awards ceremony commended Magray’s unparalleled contributions to Kani Work, recognizing his talent and commitment to the craft.

His expertise not only garnered acclaim but also paved the way for new opportunities within the realm of traditional craftsmanship.

In recognition of his lifelong dedication, Magray will receive a monthly pension of Rs 8,000 upon reaching 60 years of age, alongside the cash prize. Furthermore, his involvement in the Karkhandar Scheme has played a pivotal role in promoting the art form and empowering local women, as he served as a master trainer, imparting his skills to numerous individuals.

As a testament to the government’s support for local artisans, Magray is set to receive Rs 1,20,000 over the next six months, underscoring their commitment to recognizing and fostering indigenous talent.

Expressing gratitude for the government’s support, Magray emphasized the profound impact of these initiatives on his success and well-being, pledging to continue his efforts in preserving and promoting the region’s cultural heritage. KNO

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