Wanted highway robber arrested: Police

Jammu: Police on Tuesday nabbed a notorious and most wanted highway robber in Thanamandi area of Rajouri district in Jammu and Kashmir.

Police said that the arrested person was wanted in as many as 11 criminal cases registered in various Police Stations of District Rajouri, Jammu and Samba.

The apprehended accused has been identified as Basharat Mehmood alias Bisha, resident of Nerojal Thanamandi area of District Rajouri.

Notably, arrested accused person is prime accused in a series of high-profile highway robberies, theft, assault, attempt to murder and rape charges and has baffled investigators for months.

Multiple arrest warrants were issued by different Courts clearly manifesting the severity and complexity of the criminal activities that he has perpetrated, said the spokesman.

This infamous gang was committing robberies on Highway and in parking areas of Districts Jammu, Samba and Rajouri, he said adding, “this arrest is expected to bring relief to the affected public and serve as testament to the commitment of law enforcement agencies in pursuing the justice.” (Agencies)

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