Dr Jitendra calls for integration of ‘allopathy with Ayush’

New Delhi, Feb 23: Union Minister of State Science & Technology Jitendra Singh on Friday said that with artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionising clinical medicine at a very fast pace, there is an urgent need for optimum integration between the existing and the newer tools of patient care.

Speaking as chief guest in the inaugural session of two-day “International Patient Safety Conference 2024” in Bengaluru, Singh called for integration between the public and private sectors on the one hand and on the other hand among various systems of medical practice combining allopathy with Ayush to achieve the envisaged health goals through a synergised approach.

Singh said that India’s recent success stories which have been hailed worldwide including the vaccine story, have proved beyond evidence that working in silos or in isolation has its limitations and further growth from here on is possible only through an integration at multiple levels.

Singh pointed out that during the Covid even the West started looking up to India in search of immunity building techniques drawn from ayurveda, homoeopathy, unani, yoga, naturopathy and other oriental alternatives.

He said, however, even after the Covid phase passes out, an optimum integration and synergism of different streams of medical management are the key to successful management of various diseases and disorders which may not be otherwise completely amenable to treatment by any single stream of medicine or the treatment given in silos.

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