Benefits of reading books

Sahil Manzoor

Encourage students to develop a mini home library, carrying or having 10 to 20 books, by giving them stars in their progress reports. 

In fact, books are precious, books are assets, books are a treasury of knowledge, and books are the best alternative when we have nothing to do, books are so valuable, and books enhance our interest in a number of things. Books are the main source of facts and information. Books are a compatible gadget carrying a gallery of facts and figures.

Why read books?

For students up to 10th grade, NCERT books and general knowledge from weekly or monthly magazines are the best sources of what they need. I suggest students in the 6th grade and above read NCERT books and accumulate basic knowledge for the higher classes. One thing that is very unfortunate is that the students of higher education are lacking in the basics of history, civics, geography, Urdu, Hindi, and English, as they have chosen some professional courses and they think reading other books is none of their business. One thing is clear: we have to know about all the subjects we are studying at the school level.

We should never prepare ourselves only for the final exams, midterms, or unit exams. As a parent or teacher, we provide our students with different interesting books that they read during their free time and get interested in a number of ways by reading books. School administrations should provide all the interesting and updated books to the students, provide them with knowledge about the scope of reading books, and provide them with what they will get in the future if they read books regularly and get started reading all the relevant books, which will benefit them in the future and make them feel very less pressure and stress.

We are making it our habit, and sometimes we purchase a story book or a handy novel written by famous novelists. We think it’s better to read books to enhance our interest and get updated on a number of concepts we have never learned during our school days or during our study period. 

We have different and strange thoughts regarding book reading.

Like during school, most of us emphasize to our students to keep our whole concentration on certain subjects. We have changed our thinking and induced interest among the learners to learn in a very happy and free zone. In a free zone, our learners learn more things, and they will become independent learners at a comfortable stage of their age. I think up to the 10th standard, our learners must have a grip on spoken English and the ability to address a number of basic concepts. It is usual that a degree is just a paper. We must have the potential so that we can learn from and discuss with others and teach others what we have accumulated.

Home library

I think we need to give stars to students in their progress reports who have maintained a home library with a minimum of 15 to 20 books. Home libraries are very important these days, as we are going through tough times. Make the students decorate Almirah with books. There are people who used their room, Almirah, as they kept show pieces and had no fun with them. Keeping books in the Almirah’s can provide a change for your kiths and kins to learn more and more things within their own room and have no need to go to libraries.

Emphasize to students that they should have more books available at their home library and avoid going to libraries.

Keeping all the trending books for various exams and all the story books, novel books, and religious books can give our learners a chance to learn when they feel free. Having facilities can provide us with a good opportunity to learn things in a very free and normal way.

Sahil Manzoor


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