PM gave J&K people right to live as per their wishes: LG Sinha

‘Stone pelting history; common man enjoying night life’

Jammu, February 20: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha stated on Tuesday that terror incidents in Jammu and Kashmir have decreased by 75%, with an end to local terror recruitment. He highlighted that strike calendars are no longer published, and stone pelting has become a thing of the past.

Sinha commended the Prime Minister for his pivotal role in ushering in a new era of socio-economic empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir since 5th August 2019.

“The whole world is witness to the fact that the Honorable Prime Minister has given every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir the right to live as per their wish in the past five years. Terror incidents have reduced by 75%, and local recruitment has ended. The administration is now publishing the calendar of education and employment.”

Sinha noted, “Stone pelting has now become a thing of the past. Markets and schools remain open throughout the year. The common man is enjoying nightlife in the Kashmir Valley. In the districts where, earlier, there used to be fear in the evenings, now cinema halls and restaurants are running until late at night. Jammu and Srinagar cities are seen as new models of urban transformation.”

Highlighting the monumental progress achieved under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, Sinha emphasized significant investment in development projects, with projects worth Rs 32,247 crore inaugurated today. He noted that additional schemes worth Rs 20,000 crore would be completed in the coming months, further bolstering the welfare and development of the region’s citizens.

Sinha underscored Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to social justice, equality, and inclusive development, which has empowered marginalized sections of society, including refugees from Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and West Pakistan.

He expressed gratitude for historic decisions such as reservation of seats for Other Backward Classes in Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies, and reservation extensions to various tribal communities, ensuring their representation and social harmony.

The LG praised the active participation of citizens in initiatives like the Vikas Bharat SankalpYatra and public campaigns such as “AzadikeAmritMahotsav”, demonstrating Jammu and Kashmir’s commitment to national progress. He highlighted the region’s exemplary performance in these movements, signaling its march towards a golden age.

Under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, Sinha noted the transformative impact of industrialization in Jammu and Kashmir, with substantial investment proposals received and implemented.

He highlighted the government’s focus on youth empowerment, citing significant self-employment opportunities created and recruitment drives conducted.

Sinha applauded the remarkable acceleration in project completion under Prime Minister Modi’s tenure, with over 92,000 projects completed in the last fiscal year alone.

He emphasized the significant increase in e-services available to citizens, reflecting the government’s commitment to digitalization and efficient governance.

The LG celebrated the rise of Jammu and Kashmir’s farmers to the fifth position in the country in terms of monthly earnings, alongside ongoing agricultural development programs aimed at transforming lives.

He hailed the drastic reduction in terror incidents and the restoration of peace and stability under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, with Jammu and Srinagar emerging as models of urban transformation.

Sinha expressed confidence in Jammu and Kashmir’s potential to contribute to a developed India under Prime Minister Modi’s vision. He lauded the region’s achievements across various sectors and conveyed gratitude on behalf of all citizens for the creation of a new Jammu and Kashmir.

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