Foreign nations also know aayegatohModi hi: PM

New Delhi, Feb 18: Prime Minister NarendraModi on Sunday reiterated his call for ‘third term for BJP-led NDA’ at the Centre, saying that even foreign nations now have a ‘premonition’ about his government returning to power, for the record third term.

“I have received invites from foreign nations to visit them in July, August, September; they also know ‘aayegatohModi hi’,” said PM Modi addressing the BJP national convention in the national capital on Sunday.

Notably, the Parliamentary elections are due in April-May 2024 and a new government and the 18th LokSabha will have to be in place by May 2024.

“Elections are yet to happen but I am already getting invitations. What does this mean? It means other countries also know that BJP will return to power. They also know ‘AayegatohModi hi’,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi also spoke at length about India’s growing and strengthening ties with the Gulf nations and said that the relationship with Arabian nations was growing by ‘leaps and bounds’, a great deal of which, believe experts , could be attributed to Prime Minister’s charisma and personal rapport with global leaders.

“When I took oath in 2014, many critics questioned my experience as an MP. Many things were said about foreign policy. Recently, I visited UAE and Qatar. Not one but five Arab countries have given me highest honour of their country, this is not the honour of Prime Minister but also that of 140 countrymen,” he said, amid wave of applause and cheers by the BJP leaders.

Addressing the huge gathering of BJP brass and party leaders, PM Modi also lashed out at the Congress over its repeated questioning of Centre’s tough decisions and nationalists stance.

“Congress party had pointed fingers at our security forces, not just once but twice and questioned surgical strikes as well as Balakot airstrikes,” he said.

PM Modi also urged the party leaders and functionaries to work towards realising the dream of 370+ seats, as this could turn out to be a fitting tribute to revocation of Article 370 under BJP government.

He also taunted the Opposition over ‘losing steam’ ahead of high-voltage poll battle in 2024 and said that some of them have been started echoing BJP’s poll slogan, ‘Abkibaar, 400paar’.

“Today, Opposition leaders are also chanting slogans of ‘NDA sarkar, 400 paar’,” he said.

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