DGP Swain grants Rs 33 lakh scholarships for serving cops’ children

Jammu: To boost morale and foster competitiveness among the children of active police personnel and Special Police Officers (SPOs), Director General of Police J&K R. R. Swain approved meritorious scholarships totaling INR 29,78,000 and INR 3,70,400 for the children of serving police personnel and SPOs, respectively.

These scholarships were granted under various orders issued by the Police Headquarters on Thursday.

According to one order, scholarships totaling INR 29,78,000 have been sanctioned for 582 children of serving police personnel who scored 80% and above in the 10th-grade annual examination during the academic session 2022-23. Among them, INR 6000 each has been granted to 325 students scoring above 90%, and INR 4000 each to 257 students scoring above 80%.

In another order, scholarships amounting to INR 3,70,400 have been sanctioned for 72 children of serving SPOs who excelled in the 10th and 12th-grade annual examinations. Among them, INR 6000 each has been granted to 19 students of the 10th grade scoring above 90%, and INR 4000 each to 32 students scoring above 80%. Additionally, INR 7200 each has been granted to 2 students scoring above 90% in the 12th-grade examination, and INR 6000 each to 19 students scoring above 80%.

Noteworthy achievements include Sarika Thakur, Adnan Sami, and Abhishek Balotra securing 91.8%, 91.6%, and 89.8%, respectively, in the 12th-grade examination. In the 10th-grade examination, Nikhil Singh, Masroof Mushtaq, and Sargis Choudhary secured 97.6%, 97.4%, and 97.2%, respectively.

Among the outstanding students are Humaira Jan and Duha Rashid, daughters of SgCt Zahoor Ahmad Wani and HC Abdul Rashid Ganie, who scored 99% in the 10th-grade examination. Muntazir Farooq and Minza Lone, children of HC Farooq Ahmad and HC (TEL) Akhter Hussain, secured 98.8%. Sabreena Mushtaq, daughter of SgCt Mushtaq Ahmad Dar, achieved 98.6%.

The scholarship schemes of Jammu and Kashmir Police extend to the children of serving/deceased/martyred Police personnel/SPOs, recognizing exceptional achievements in various classes. Special rewards are also granted to students excelling in college/university and technical courses, as well as those succeeding in competitive exams such as UPSC, JKPSC, NEET, NET, CSIR, etc.


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