DPS Sgr receives heartfelt appreciation from parents for holistic approach

Srinagar: The parents whose wards are enrolled in Delhi Public School Srinagar expressed unwavering support and admiration for the school’s relentless efforts to create a conducive learning environment.

In a recent meeting with the leadership of Delhi Public School (DPS) Srinagar, the gathering welcomed diverse parental perspectives and covered a spectrum of topics including discipline, academics, extracurricular activities, and overall school policies.

A parent of a 10th-grade student, shared the positive impact of the school on his child’s academic and extracurricular pursuits. He emphasized the pivotal role of parental support in guiding a child’s career choices, particularly when societal pressures attempt to sway decisions.

The meeting delved into various topics, including sports supervision, anti-drug awareness programs, and preferences for admissions. Parents expressed gratitude for the school’s inclusive facilities, such as ramps for special children.

Parents expressed heartfelt appreciation for the dedicated teachers at DPS Srinagar, acknowledging their unwavering support and guidance that extends beyond academic excellence.

The parents highlighted the personalized attention and care their children receive, emphasizing the significant impact the teachers have on fostering a love for learning and character building. This collective sentiment reflects the strong bond between the school’s faculty and the parents, united in their commitment to the overall well-being and success of each student.

Chairman Vijay Dhar encouraged engineer and doctor parents to involve their children in site visits, emphasizing the importance of exposing children to different work environments to develop creativity and empathy among them. The discussion also touched upon the need for awareness programs on drug abuse and career counseling.

Parents expressed their satisfaction with the school fees, including the recent enhancement, after the decision by the Fee Fixation and Regulation Committee (FFRC). The infrastructure put in place by the school was praised, with comparisons drawn to institutions across the country, affirming DPS Srinagar’s commitment to providing world-class facilities. They expressed their support for the school and voiced their commitment to stand against any efforts aimed at damaging the reputation of the school.

Chairman Vijay Dhar acknowledged the concerns raised by parents and assured them that the school is committed to transparency and open communication. He urged parents to rely on official channels for accurate information about the school’s policies, initiatives, and any updates.

Principal Shafaq Afshan appreciated the pivotal role parents play in nurturing the future of the students. She encouraged parents to become more involved in school activities, highlighting the potential for collective efforts to elevate the school and its students to greater heights.

In a heartfelt note, a parent expressed appreciation for the school’s positive impact on their child’s well-being, particularly in identifying and addressing health concerns at an early stage.

Chairman Vijay Dhar took the opportunity to inform parents about the state-of-the-art badminton academy being constructed for the students in addition to a cricket academy. This addition to the school’s infrastructure aims to further enhance the sports facilities and opportunities available to the students.

The school’s unwavering focus on sports excellence recently bore fruit as the school clinched the National Championship in football, a testament to its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals through robust sporting programs.

The interaction highlighted the state-of-the-art facilities for inclusive education at DPS Srinagar.

A parent of the Learning Resource Centre for specially abled children, expressed her appreciation, stating, “I appreciate the efforts of the school. My child was a hyperactive child with zero sitting tolerance, and I am here today just to thank you. Thank you so much for everything.” This comment underscores the school’s commitment to inclusive education, with its Learning Resource Centre catering to 160 children. The institution also boasts a dedicated center for the visually impaired, showcasing its dedication to providing quality education for all students.

The interaction served as a platform for constructive dialogue, reflecting the collaborative spirit between DPS Srinagar, its leadership, and the parent community. Chairman Vijay Dhar assured parents that their inputs and suggestions would be carefully considered for the continuous improvement of the school’s policies and practices. The interaction showcased the shared commitment to providing a nurturing and enriching educational experience for the students.

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