Vitasta School of Law celebrates felicitation day

Srinagar: In a momentous occasion, Vitasta School of Law and Humanities held its Felicitation Day 09-12-2023, recognizing and awarding the outstanding achievements of its outgoing students.

The event, a testament to academic excellence, was made possible through the efforts of Principal Prof. Fareed Ahmad Rafiqui, Vice Principal Raqib Ahmad Zia, along with support of the esteemed faculty members, a statement issued here reads.

The ceremony, held in the conference room was a grand success of highlighting the academic prowess and hard work exhibited by the students throughout the academic year. Principal Prof.Fareed Ahmad Rafique, in his opening address, emphasized the importance of discipline, integrity and dedication towards society for budding lawyers.

Awards were distributed across various categories, including academic excellence, leadership, and community service. The deserving recipients were met with applause and admiration from their peers, faculty, and proud parents who attended the event.

Vice Principal Raqib Ahmad Zia expressed his appreciation for the collaborative efforts of both students and faculty, highlighting the school’s commitment to nurturing well-meaning individuals contributing to the society.

The faculty members were recognized for their unwavering support and commitment to the school’s mission of providing a holistic education. Their dedication played a pivotal role in organizing the successful event and ensuring the smooth functioning of the academic year.

As the ceremony concluded, the air was filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. The felicitation Day at Vitasta School of Law and Humanities not only honored the achievements of the students but also served as a reminder of the school’s dedication to fostering an environment of learning, growth, and excellence.

Principal Prof. Fareed Ahmad Rafiqui, the driving force behind the school’s success, was honored with a momentum as a token of appreciation for his unwavering dedication and leadership. Vice Principal Raqib Ahmad Zia, a pillar of support, also received acknowledgment for his significant contributions to the school’s growth.

The teaching and non-teaching staff, essential to the school’s daily operations, were recognized for their hard work and commitment to shaping the educational experience. Each member received a momentum, symbolizing the collective gratitude for their efforts in creating a conducive learning environment.

A special highlight of the evening was the Best Teacher Award, presented to Sadaf sareen khan and Shaziya Durani. Their exceptional teaching methodologies, mentorship, and positive impact on students set them apart, earning them this prestigious recognition from the outgoing batch.

The chief guests, whose insights and guidance enriched the academic journey, were also honored with momentums symbolizing the school’s appreciation for their valuable contributions.

At last the momentums were also distributed to the anchors and class representatives all the semesters on behalf of outgoing batch 2018.

The spotlight shone on outgoing student Loveza Rehman who was awarded the coveted title of “Best Student” for her exceptional academic performance and versatility in various subjects. Loveza’s dedication and commitment to scholarly pursuits have set her apart as a shining example of academic excellence.

Umar Majeed on this occasion was acknowledged as the Best Class Representative of the college, whereby his exemplary leadership skills, was applauded by naming his as the “Best Class Representative and Extra-curricular” His ability to foster a positive learning environment and effectively representing his peers made him a standout choice for this prestigious accolade.

Celebrating the importance of a well-rounded in extra curricular, Iqra Mushtaq and Adiel Deen were jointly honored for their outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities. From sports to arts, their diverse talents have enriched the college community, embodying the spirit of holistic education.

Highlighting the contributions of the college faculty, Rayees Ahmad Bhat was crowned “Speaker of the Year.” His engaging lectures and impactful communication skills have not only inspired students but have also contributed significantly to the overall academic atmosphere at the institution.

The awards ceremony served as a momentous occasion, bringing together students, faculty, and parents to applaud these exceptional individuals for their unwavering commitment to excellence. The winners expressed their gratitude for the recognition by the college and pledged to continue their pursuit of contribution in future.

This event stands as a testament to vitasta schools dedication to fostering a holistic educational environment that nurtures both academic achievement and personal growth.

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